ICW ‘Get Your Rat Oot’ (7/4/13) Results


The show took place at The Garage in Glasgow

1. Wolfgang successfully defended the Zero G title against Noam Dar, Grado and Solar

2. Kay Lee Ray won a 4 way against Sara, Carmel Jacob, and Bete Noire to qualify for the match to crown the 1st ever ICW Fierce Females champion next month

Dickie Divers attacked William Grange who was commentating, after their breakup as a tag team last month

Johnny Moss was the guest on the Polo Lounge, attacking Jackie Polo and challenging him to a match

3. The Bucky Boys successfully defended the Tag Titles against Fight Club and The Big Hangovers in a 3 way dance.

After the interval, Grado called out Joe Coffey, who has been attacking Grado recently. Joe attacked, but his injured leg gave out. Grado took advantage, until Nikki Storm attacked him. The Owens Twins ran out for the save.

4. Mikey Whiplash pinned Robbie Dynamite in the best match of the night. After the match, Whiplash promised next time Red Lightning (who wasn’t at the show) was at an ICW show, he would cash in his title shot against him.

Jack Jester addressed the crowd regarding his injuries, saying doctors have advised him to take some time off. He’s set himself a personal goal to return by the next show on May 5th.

5. Jimmy Havoc beat James Scott in a 2 out of 3 falls match, by 2 falls to 1. After the match, they agreed to a rematch next month, under Falls Count Anywhere in Glasgow rules.

6. In the main event, Mark Dallas was a last minute addition as guest referee, as no ICW referees felt safe working the match. BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew went to a non-finish after Renfrew struck Mark Dallas with a kendo stick to reform the New Age Kliq with BT Gunn.

Thanks to Adam Wilson @GingerPimpernel for this review.


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