PCW ‘Spring Slam’ (26/4/13) Results


Results from Preston City Wrestling’s ‘Spring Slam’ from The Lava Ignite in Preston, 800 sell out crowd.

1. Noam Dar over Johnny Gargano via a knee bar

*Dave Rayne came out and complained about the imports coming into British wrestling and out came Goldust and from there a match between the two was set up for the next PCW show*

2. T-Bone over Tommy Dreamer in a ‘Hardcore’ Match following a spinebuster through a table

3. Mad Man Manson (with ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted Dibease) over Dave Mastiff

4. Kevin Steen over Kris Travis following a package piledriver

5. ‘Lionheart’ Adrian McCallum won the 30 person over the top rope battle royal.

Thanks to @BenPCorrigan on twitter for the results and the banner at the top was created by SmileDESIGNS – Search for them on facebook and give them a LIKE, go to them for all your graphic needs


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