PROGRESS Chapter 7 Results

PROGRESS Chapter 7 ‘Every Saint Has A Past, Ever Sinner Has A Future’

 1. PROGRESS champion El Ligero retains over Noam Dar
2. In the 4-Way Natural Progression Series Eddie Dennis advances over Joey Lakeside, Xander Cooper & Darrell Allen
**The London Riots came out with the IPW-UK belts and declared themselves PROGRESS tag champs as they are undefeated there. Jim Smallman takes to the mic and says Chapter 8 will be their last contracted match and the will get “fucked up”**
3. The London Riots continue their undefeated streak in PROGRESS following a win over Project Ego
4. Nigel McGuinness comes out as he is announced as the special guest referee for the match where Zack Sabre Jr. went over Jimmy Havoc
5. Mark Andrews goes over Will Ospreay and so Ospreay is gone from the PROGRESS roster as was the pre-match stipulation
6. Danny Garnell defeated RJ Singh – Following the match, The London Riots come out and do and number on Singh’s ankle, Garnell & Allen came out to try and make the save.
7. Screw Indy Wrestling go over Team PROGRESS – Rampage Brown who was set to team with Marty Scurll & Paul Robinson to face Nathan Cruz & Mark Haskins with a mystery partner. They reveal RAMPAGE as their man who unzipped his PROGRESS hoody to reveal a Screw Indy shirt. 

Dave Mastiff came out to team with Scurll & Robinson.

Rampage got the pinfall over Mastiff and thus will face El Ligero at Chapter 8 in July.
Massive thanks to Stel Stylianou for sending in the results match by match. Check out his football (soccer) podcast – Shoot The Defence.

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