Southside Speed King 2013 Results

Southside Speed King 2013 Results 

 1. Dean Allmark over Robbie x
2. Martin Kirby over Jigsaw
3. El Ligero over Kay Lee Ray
4. MK McKinnan over Zack Sabre jr.
5. Marty Scurll over Samuray Del Sol
6. Jay Lethal over Noam Dar
7. Mark Haskins & Kris Travis battled to a double count-out
Non tournament match: Jigsaw over STIXX via count out
Speed King final:
Martin Kirby eliminated El Ligero 
Martin Kirby eliminated MK McKinnian 
Marty Scurll eliminated Dean Allmark
Jay Lethal eliminated Marty Scurll
Jay Lethal eliminated Martin Kirby to become the NEW Speed King champion
Thanks to Daniel Richardson @gadget80 for the updates on twitter

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