Infinite Promotions – In Your Scouse ‘Heat of Battle’ (9/8/13) Review By Tom Linberry


Infinite Promotions is a promotion based in  Liverpool, they have been running for just over a year.  This was the first one of there shows  have attended, and I must say the set up and the layout was very different to most wrestling shows you go to here in the UK.  It was a top show.

The Models ( Joey Hayes & Danny Hope) v Project Ego (Martin Kirby & Kris Travis)

They opened the show with a fun tag team match, The Models who came out to a great ovation from the crowd taking Project Ego who were clearly the not the crowd favorite in Liverpool.  The opening excahnges were fun, with the Models using there tassles to there advantage and getting the upper hand in the opening few minutes.   Very fast paced match, with all 4 guys throwing superkicks at each other during the middle portion of the match, the which the crowd loved and quite rightly gave a standing ovation to.  But with a bit of confusion as to who was the legal man, The Models picked up the win.  In a fun and entertaining opener.  ***

World of sport match – ‘Dangerous’ Damon Leigh v Doug Williams.

Next up we had a World of Sport rules match, Between the ever popular Doug Williams and Damon Leigh.  As it was a World of Sport match the pace is a bit more slower and methodical.  This match had some great sequences, but the first fall came to Damon Leigh after a few near falls on both sides.  To the crowds dismay Doug seemed to be holding his shoulder, but he soldiered on and the 2nd fall of the match fell to Doug Williams with a sshoulder submission hold.  Was very quick and neat, and got the crowd upbeat for the last and deciding round.  with the match nearing the 25 minute mark, Doug hit the chaos theory (rolling German suplex) for the 3rd and deciding fall.  Even though it was a good match, I think the world of sport rules were lost on the crowd a bit, still a good match for people who enjoy that type of match.  ***

Jay Lethal v El Ligero

This was our last match before intermission and one of the reasons I’d made the journey.  What looked a great match on paper far exceeeded my expectatios.  The opening exchanges were holds and counter holds with neither man giving anything away.  But as the match went along they started to quicken the pace and one point, Ligero hit the c4 (swinging DDT) to which me and the crowd thought the match was over,  but Lethal kicked out.  After both men recovered Lethal got the upper hand, and laid Ligero out for his pattened top rope elbow, which has finished of many a man in the past but Ligero was up for the challenge and kicked out.  The finish came when through a few fast paced exchanges Ligero rolled up Lethal for the pin.  Really good match, and would be contender for my match of the year.  This was worth the admission alone. ****

Dylan Roberts v Zack Gibson.

Crowd were really into this, Gibson being the hometown lad, had the crowd fully behind him the whole way through this match.  Dylan Roberts took the upper hand early, hitting some offensive moves and trying to ware down his opponent with a sleeper hold.  But with crowd behind him Gibson came roaring back, and took the fight to Roberts.  During his comeback Zack Knocked Roberts into the ropes, Roberts got tangled in the ropes, so Zack got a young fan out the front row who then proceeded to kick Roberts in the family jewels, to whole crowds amusement.  But with Roberts spurred by being kicked down below he managed to get the victory and beat Gibson.  Both men looked really good, and was a very impressive match.  ***

Cyanide & Rampage Brown v Tim Wylie & Babyface Pitbull

The Council came out and cut a promo, and announced they had hired the services of Rampage and Cyanide for the evening, the Council received a chorus of Boos from the crowd who were not impressed by there antics.  Wylie and Pitbull were very impressive in the opening exchanges but the two bigger men Cyanide and Rampage took the upper hand, and beat down there much smaller oppenents.  But with the crowd behind them  Wylie and Pitbull made a comeback.   Which was cut short, when the 3 Council members on the outside got involved and swung the match back in there teams favor.  But as Cyanide was setting Pitbull up a superplex off the top rope, Wylie got Cyanide on his shoulders in an impressive display of strength, and  Pitbull flew off the top rope for doomsday esque type move, and Wylie and Pitbull got the when against some heavy odds.  After the match, the members of the council got in Cyanides face, after a minute of this Cyanide had enough and squashed all the members of the Council group. Good match. ***

Now we had another 35 minute wait while they put the cage up for the main event.

Steel Cage Match For the Infinite Title CJ Banks (C) v Bubblegum 

Bubblegum was the fan favorite in this match and came out with his knee bandaged up.  But he looked determined to take the belt from Banks.  Was few hard hitting moves to start the match, especially when Banks was working on Bubblegum’s knee.  But through all that Bubblegum fought on.  Mid way through the match, Banks hit Bubblegum in the knee so hard, that the referee had to take a look and see if he was to carry on, as it looked as if Bubblegum was gonna be helped to the back  Banks punted him straight in the knee.  And carried on the assault.  Bubblegum got the upper hand, and hit a flurry of offense but you could tell the knee was still bothering him.  Finish came when Banks had Bubblegum in a Boston crab, but he managed to edge closer and closer to the door, but just as he got to the door, Sam Bailey had snuck down to ringside in disguise, and he slammed the door right in Bubblegum’s face.  Banks then picked up the victory and retained his title.  But it wasn’t over yet Bailey and Banks beat down Bubblegum some more, until Ligero made his way to the ring and dove off the top of the cage onto Banks and Bailey, to which the champ and his new partner Bailey bailed out of the ring.  At which point the match was made for October 12th Ligero & Bubblegum v Banks & Bailey in a steel cage match.  ***

Overall a fun show, thought Lethal v Ligero would of made a good main event to.  And the second intermission, went on a bit to long.  But overall good show, great crowd.  And will be back October 12th for Bailey & Banks v Ligero & Bubblegum and with some U.S. guys in the country maybe one or 2 of them.

Show rating ***

Tom Linberry – Find me on twitter @mr1985TAL


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