Southside Wrestling ‘Retribution IV’ Results (18/8/13)



1. The Predators retained the SWE tag team titles by defeating The London Riots following interference by the ‘Hunters’

2. Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Robbie X via submission to an armbar

3. The Hunter Brothers battled to a no contest with The Bhangra Knights following interference from the ‘Hunters’ who went on to unmask as STIXX & Alex Gracie

4. ‘Ego Dragon’ Martin Kirby defeated Jay Lethal after going into an exposed turnbuckle to become the NEW Speed King champion but then he throws the belt down and says it means nothing until he has taken care of El Ligero

5. STIXX retained the SWE heavyweight title by defeating MK McKinnan

* Following the match, Max Angelus comes out and slaps STIXX before heading off with the SWE title*

6. Alex Gracie defeated Loco Imbecile 

7. Mark Haskins defeated Marty Scurll, Kris Travis & SABU by pinning Scurll.


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