Insane Championship Wrestling: Dave’s Not Here Man (25/8/13) Review By Tom Linberry


Coming from the Edinburgh Picture House, ICW return with a great show.

Here with another show report this time from north of the border in Scotland.  One of the most anticipated events of the summer and one of the biggest shows in Scottish if not the UK’s history.  This event sold out a month in advance.

1. Grado vs Colt Cabana 

This match had been building up for a few weeks, with both guys putting promos on youtube.  But they also produced 3 shows together, as a build up for the match.   It made for some fun viewing, which culminated here as the opening contest.

Colt was out first to a hero’s response, with the crowd going mental, but  when Grado’s theme music hit, the place blew the roof off.  It was deafning, as Grado got on the ring post and did The Rock’s pose to another ovation.  After the music died down 1000 Scottish fans chanted “Colt Cabana…its yersel” (a phrase Grado used to meet Cabana in there first Youtube video they did together).

The atmosphere was off the charts as the two men had a stare down and the crowd were still going bananas.  They went to lock up, but Grado went and played to the crowd a bit more, Colt had a bemused expression on his face not knowing what to think.  But eventually they squared off with Colt getting the upper hand early, to some of the crowds dissapprovel.

Both men were running against the ropes opposite ways, but Colt stopped and pretended to hit the ropes, while Grado was still going, much to everyones amusement, eventually Grado stopped and was out of breath so Cabana had a go at a pinfall, but only got 2.  Colt stayed on top of his adversary, including trying a few quick roll ups.

The finish came as Cabana was calling for the GTS (Go To Sleep) he got Grado up once but he managed to squirm free, then colt hit him with a bit more offense and went for thr GTS once again, and again Grado wriggled free and hit a Stunner for the 3 count, the crowd went mad.  As the Scottish star picked up a great and entertaining win against his American counterpart.

As Cabana was walking away Grado was attacked by 2 wrestlers from the back.  But it wasn’t long before Colt Cabana made the save, and helped Grado with double bionic elbows.  Both men celebrated with Irn-Bru cans, as the crowd roared in approval ****

2. Leah Owens v Nikki Storm (Bra and Panties match)

With the crowd firmly behind Leah Owens she took the early advantage, getting Nikki’s trousers off in rather quick fashion, but unfortunatly the was the end of Leah’s offence.  Nikki took over the match and managed to get Leah’s bottom half off.  The crowd were spurring Leah on but Nikki managed to get Leah’s top off and as a result, won the match.  After the match Leah layed out Storm and jumped into the crowd and mocked Storm, who stormed, pardon the pun, to the back ***

3. Jimmy Havoc v James Scott

Havoc made his way to the ring, James Scott came out with the mic, and challenged Jimmy to put his match with Rhyno on the line (taking place on the 13th October in Glasgow).  After a bit off back and forth, Jimmy reluctantly agreed.  Both men wanted the spot in the match, and from the opening exchanges it seemed it was going to be hard fought match.

Jimmy took control of the match, keeping his opponent grounded, for the opening duration of the match, including hitting a hurracanrana into a pin attempt but Scott kicked out at 2.

Scott managed to get on top of Jimmy, getting him in various holds trying to make his opponent tap out but to no avail.  Jimmy locked a triangle choke on Scott but Scott managed to powerbomb havoc at the same time.  The Ref counted 3 but James Scott taped out when the ref hit 3, so there wasn’t a decisive winner.  The ring announcer decreed that as there wasn’t a winner, that as Rhyno is an ECW legend, at the show in Glasgow will be a 3 way dance.  Fun match and a good ending  ***1/2

4. ICW Tag Team Champions The Bucky Boys v The Coffey Brothers v Fite Club v Team Nak (Elimination Match)

Originally, team CK were supposed to be in the match but as they made their way to the ring they were attacked by Team NAK (Chris Renfew & BT Gunn) and Team NAK took the fourth spot in the match.

The crowd were firmly behind the current champs The Bucky Boys, this match was a quick paced start, but it wasn’t long before we had our first near fall as Liam Thompson of Fite Club nearly eliminated Renfew.

The first elimination came when all 8 men were brawling and one of the Bucky Boys rolled up Kid Fite and eliminated Fite club from the contest, to which both of them were pissed at and took a while to leave ringside.  The pace quickened as Davey Boy (Bucky boys) and Gunn squared off in the ring and saw both men hitting some hard hitting offense.  This led to Gunn tagging in Mark Coffey who used his size to gain advantage and put his team in control.  But the Coffey’s offence didn’t last long as one of the Bucky Boys eliminated the Coffey’s from the match.

Which left us with Team NAK v the reigning champs The Bucky Boys.  Both teams were exchanging holds.  But the third member of Team NAK, Dickie Divers made his way to ringside and interjected himself into the match and nearly helped his team win the match, but The Bucky Boys managed to thwart the attempts and took control for a short while.

But wasn’t long before Divers was back in the ring and did just enough for his team mates Gunn & Renfew to win the match and become new ICW Tag Team Champs.  It was a great match but deservedly so The Bucky Boys received a standing ovation.  ****

Next up after intermission we had Andy Wild v Noam Dar, but Dar pulled out due a recurring injury, so he was replaced by high flying sensation Solar

5. Andy Wild v Solar

Wild mocked his opponent from the outset, about his size but it was Solar with the early offence, hitting some great high flying moves, and showing Wild why he deserved to be in this match.  Solar kept on top of his opponent, until managed gain the upper hand.

Wild the larger of the two grapplers got the upper hand and grounded Solar to the mat some great submission holds Including two near falls on Solar.

Solar managed to mount a comeback, and get the upper hand.  And at one point, it looked as if he got the pin on Wild, but the ref signaled it was only 2.  After the near fall, Solar tried to keep the upper hand but Wild hit a power bomb and switched it into a Boston Crab and made Solar tap out.  Fun match and great end sequence ***

6. Fierce Females Champion Kay Lee Ray v Carmel (Last woman standing match)

Both women went in quick and heavy into the match, hitting some hard stuff on each other but it did not stay in the ring long as both women brawled out of the ring and through the crowd.

They ended up by where the bar was situated and got up on the bar and threw hands at each other, Carmel won the exchange and jumped down from the bar area, and pulled Ray out as far as she could so her feet were draped on the bar and then hit a DDT onto the hardened wooden floor.  After this, the ref started the 10 count but Ray made it to her feet and they brawled back through the fans and up to where the stage is, Ray got Carmel onto the floor and was going to dive off the stair case but Carmel played possum and got her down and got the action back in the ring.  Both women went to war, hitting each other with anything that wasn’t nailed down.

Ray got the upper hand and put Carmel upside down in the corner, and put a pink chair on her face then did a running dropkick into the chair and Carmel’s face.  The ref started his count, but Carmel rolled out the ring.  And made her way up the stairs onto the stage, followed in pursuit by Ray.  Both women brawled on the stage, until Viper came from the back and flattened both ladies and doing more damage to Carmel before leaving the stage.  Ray hit a DDT and Carmel was counted out for the 10 and Kay Lee Ray retained the title.  Both ladies got a standing ovation and this match deserved it as it was a cracking match.  Afterwards, both ladies hugged and Kay Lee Ray announced at the next Fierce Females show (Sept 22nd) she will defend her belt against Viper and Awesome Kong in a 3 way dance ****

7. ICW Heavyweight Champion Mikey Whiplash  v Zero Gravity Champion Wolfgang 

The fans were behind both men for this match.  Wolfgang took the upper hand early and got a couple of quick near falls on Whiplash.

Wolfgang carried on in charge of the match including hitting a great DDT and nearly again winning the match.  But wasn’t long before Whiplash had the upper hand and kept his bigger advisory down using a rear naked choke.  Whiplash stayed ontop of his opponent, but the crowd were getting behind Wolfgang.  As he made his comeback, Whiplash tried to keep him down including using some illegal tactics to keep control of the match.

Wolfgang made his comeback, and was building some momentum, and just as he was going for the winning pin he was attacked by a long haired guy from the back, Wolfgang however managed to fight this guy off, but Whiplash used this to his advantage and got the pin on Wolfgang and became the Zero Gravity champion as well as remaining the heavyweight champion.  Great match, both guys put it all out there.  Would love to see a rematch ***1/2

8. Jack Jester v Sabu (Hardcore Rules)

This match was not for the feint hearted, Sabu an ECW legend v one of Europe’s top hardcore wrestlers.  It started off with a bit of wrestling, before the weapons were brought out.  Sabu pink chair in hand and Jester with a cane and they went to war with each other.

They brawled through the crowd onto the bar were Jester threw Sabu off of it onto the floor to which the crowd went nuts for.  They brawled through the crowd to the ringside area where Sabu set up a table but the table collapsed while not in use.  So both men rolled in the ring and Sabu got Jester in a camel clutch and started digging what looked like metal rods in the head of him and making some nice artwork of scars on Jester’s head but Jester would not give.

Jester managed to turn the tables on Sabu and get him in a similar camel clutch and drove the collar with pointed studs in he wore to the ring into Sabu’s head and made the icon bleed, but Sabu wouldn’t give up. Sabu got the upper hand again and following few shots with a chair to Jester’s head he then set up a table in the ring and placed Jester on it, presumably going for the Arabian face buster, but as Sabu jumped Jester moved and Sabu went crashing through the table.  Jester took advantage of this and tombstoned Sabu into the broken table and picked up the victory to end the show.  Great match sent fans home happy ***1/2

This show was excellent, the crowd were in it start to finish and every match was unique and different. Would definitely recommend going to ICW it’s well worth the journey and effort.

Their next show is in Maryhill September 7th, and they are back in Edinburgh on November 3rd.


Tom Linberry

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