PWE ‘Elite Ruination’ (14/9/13) Review By Stuart Dominick


First off, I can’t praise the venue enough. Ayr Town Hall is a cracking venue, both visually and for atmosphere. Almost every seat was filled. The odd empty seat scattered here and there, and on paper, the show deserved a near sellout.

The show opened with Noam Dar coming out, and Red Lightning interrupting saying that Noam isn’t cleared to wrestle. Noam Dar admits that yes, this is true, but he has a friend…

Mad Man Manson df. Red Lightning via pinfall.

I’m not a big fan of Mad Man Manson admittedly. However, that might be because of where I seen him, which was Preston City Wrestling which is aimed more at a smark audience. Last night I thought he was great, aimed more at families. I guess it’s just a case of knowing your audience, and Manson seems to have that. Red Lightning was his usual entertaining self and made for a fun match, if not awe inspiring.

Dave Mastiff df. Grado, Mark Haskins and Joey Hayes to win a Money in the Bank title shot.

I expected this match to be a wee bit better than it was, but that was only down to high expectations, as this was really good. Grado is someone who I am just loving more and more every single time I watch him. Mark Haskins had a great aura about him. He’s got the feel of the “Star Attraction” that his nickname suggests, and Hayes and Mastiff are just two of the best in the UK. The pace of the match initially was frantic, but it died down a fair bit at times. Thought Hayes was the standout, but Grado brought something different to the table. Really good match in places.

Zack Sabre Jr. df. Joe Coffey via submission.

The first half main event, and one which like the previous match demanded a lot of expectation, and these two guys more than matched it. It felt like an absolute war with both guys battering the ever loving tar out of each other. I thought Sabre Jr. reminded me of Dean Malenko at times, as he got relentless on the arm of Joe Coffey, looking to take it home as a trophy. It was a two sided hard hitting war of a match, as well as being great technically as well. Probably the best match of the night.

Post-match Zack Sabre Jr. cut a promo basically urging people to go out and support UK and Scottish wrestling which I think is something we can all agree on.

Project Ego df. Wolfgang and Kid Fite via pinfall.

Not quite the barn burner I was expecting, but entertaining thanks to the antics of the heel team. Especially Kid Fite who is absolutely brilliant when he’s got a more comic feel about him. Project Ego can also be relied on for some quality tag team wrestling.

Post-match, Wolfgang gets the blame for the loss, leading to Davey Blaze coming out and landing a TKO on Wolfgang. Boddington leaves with Kid Fite and Davey Blaze, but seemingly not at all happy.

Nikki Storm and Viper df. Kay Lee Ray and Carmel via pinfall.

I’ve not seen nearly enough of Viper. She was impressive in this match. Seeing Kay Lee Ray and Carmel as a tag team is a bit weird, but it pretty clearly worked. Me and my friend were saying to each other that it’s reached a point where the women’s matches in Scotland are no longer ones which you can walk out on, because you’re pretty much guaranteed quality. All four of these ladies are excellent and provided a good tag team match.

Andy Wild (c) vs. El Ligero vs. Liam Thomson vs. Johnny Moss went to a no contest for the PWE Championship.

Lots to like about this match. Johnny Moss, as always, impresses the hell out of any audience he goes in front of and I thought he looked great here as well. All four men looked great when it was a four way at the start. The highlight was the final exchange between Andy Wild and El Ligero though, and it made me hope that we get to see a one on one between the two men down the line, and capped of a worthy and fantastic main event. However, it would appear Andy Wild has bigger fish to fry, because the match went to a no contest when NAK came out and handed out a vicious beating to Andy Wild which led to Dave Mastiff appearing which in turn led to…

Dave Mastiff df. Andy Wild to win the PWE Championship.

Which was apparently a popular decision with many of the fans. Not something which I’ll be arguing with either. He’s a terrific choice to lead any promotion.

The show was very very good from the first bell to the last.


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