AWW 10th Anniversary Show (15/09/13) By Matt Bayliss


Party Marty Scurll vs T-Bone.

Scurll started the match trying to keep away from the fan favourite T-Bone who is far bigger and stronger. T-Bone drove Scurll with force into the turnbuckles from corner to corner, finally asking the ref to check if he gives up. Once Scurll got on the offence he kept the pace up, including channeling Ric Flair with chops in the corner and a strut across the ring. The action went back and forth, in and out of the ring, with Scurll working over T-Bones arm. Finally T-Bone won after full nelson suplex and big elbow off the top rope.

Tukay, Sam Wilder & The Judge vs Matt Lightning, Daniel Valetine and Charlie Garrett.

The Judge got great heat right off the bat waving a rubber gavel around and squaring off against all the kids at ringside. a bit hit and miss at times but good fun and got the crowd going, really supporting the good guys and all over the heels. Tukay is a great heel, always playing the crowd! Lightening and Valentine have some good raw talent and in fairness The Judge was pretty decent in the ring and moved well for a very big guy. Sam Wilder I was seeing for the first time having heard lots of good things about him and he certainly didn’t disappoint, great look and very good in the ring. Garrett was another unknown to me, great physique and very athletic in the ring, it was Garrett that picked up the win after everyone hit finishers culminating with him coming off the top rope with a corkscrew to earn the pin.

El Ligero vs Kenbai.

Match started with lots of chain wrestling, both men reversing each other and trying to tie one another up, when the pace picked up both men went toe to toe, move for move. Kenbai ended up outside so Ligero took to the air, from that point on he had the advantage, working over the leg but couldn’t put him away. Kenbai eventually mounted some offence and near fall after near fall followed, finally El Ligero picked up the win with a roll up. Both men showed mutual respect after the match, sending the crowd into the interval very happy.

After interval Ligero came back out to help wish a fan a Happy 18th Birthday. “Somebody” yelled ‘hit him with a chair!!’

Nathan Cruz vs Hiromu Takahashi.

Cruz taunted the crowd as well as his opponent before a really hard fought match. Some big moves from both men including Takahashi putting his body on the line running the length of the entrance to drop kick Cruz who was draped over the middle rope. Later Cruz drove Takahashi into the guard rail and took control. Lots of high impact and near falls followed as the pace picked up. Ultimately Cruz came out on top in what was a great match.

“Simply Sensational” Saul Adams vs “The Star Attraction” Mark Haskins.

Big pop for Haskins after Adams had come to the ring sporting a huge Daniel Bryan-esque beard, wearing a feather boa and carrying a mirror, and seemingly putting down every single person in the crowd. Once the bell rang Haskins man handled the beard to get an early advantage. The match went back and forth, Adams utilising his considerable size advantage against the speed of Haskins. Both men kept the pace going throughout and turned out a great match, Adams picked up the surprise victory reversing a Haskins pin attempt into a crucifix pin for the 3. Haskins got the last laugh though mocking Adams with his own feather boa before stomping and spitting on it in the middle of the ring.

Main Event is Stixx & “The Messiah” Brandon Thomas (with Violet Vendetta) vs “Wonderkid” Jonny Storm & Douglas Williams.

This match came about on the back of matches at the last show where Stixx & Williams battled and Storm took the AWW title from Thomas, at this show Stixx also attacked the “Wonderkid” and now claims to be the NEXT AWW Champion. Good solid tag match as you’d expect given the talent involved, some nice spots including Storm and Williams doing dual submission holds on Stixx before each moving to the next limb every time the ref reached a 4 count. An enjoyable match finished after Storm dived at Stixx through the ropes, the 2 then fought to the back leaving Williams to pck up the pin fall victory over Thomas

Match of the night, for me, was Cruz vs Takahashi – hard hitting, near falls and technically pretty perfect. El Ligero/Kenbai was a very close second, and Haskins was great as always! Biggest pops for Haskins and Storm who is ridiculously over with the AWW crowd.

Overall, another very good show from AWW, some people may have been put off by the miserable Midlands weather but still a good mixed age crowd that was vocal and got involved throughout.

Matt Bayliss, follow me on twitter @mattmatt316

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