Support British Wrestling…NOT Just When An Import Comes In By Stu Rodgers


Oh British wrestling fans. Over at the podcast, Adam & I are big fans of the current British wrestling scene, we have some excellent wrestlers here. There a number of promotions that are drawing say from good to very good but there are some who are not drawing that well at all. Now, I am not a promoter or a wrestler just a fan for over two decades but some of these lesser drawing promotions are not that well run and include wrestlers not trained or not trained very well at all but there are many that are trained and put on a hell of a lot of work with the promoters to entertain the fans. I am not writing this to berate anyone, as you can see by the title, I just want British fans to come out and support all the guys that work their behinds off in and out the ring on the many shows that take place here on our shores.

I’ll often say on the podcast, weather I agree with a direction a promoter is booking his product or not is unimportant because, it’s their promotion and they need to do what they feel will draw for them and if these means bringing in imports, be that current US indy guys, wrestlers from Japan or ex WWE/TNA guys then so be it. My issue at this current time is, even though I am a fan of many of the indy guys brought over and I appreciate the Japanese guys that come over I feel that the promotions who are pretty much using just the British guys are not getting the support they need and in my opinion.

I will not name promotions here but I really want the Britsh wrestling fans to come out and support British wrestlers on British shows, don’t just come out when there is an import or two on the card, I know times are not great at the moment but if you’re a British wrestling fan, come out and help this promotions and wrestlers because believe me, they need your support.





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