Pro Wrestling Kingdom II: The Howling of The Kingdom (26/10/13) Review By Matt Bayliss


Kris Travis w/Lauren Klair def Ryan Smile
Show kicks off in front of a modest but vibrant crowd. Lauren Klair introduces herself as the new assistant to Kris Travis and berates the Birmingham crowd. Surprising to have these 2 opening the show but the fast paced match really got the crowd going. Both guys are extremely talented in the ring and both play the crowd really well. They hit each one another with everything they had culminating with Smile nailing a HUGE frog splash off the top rope only to be distracted by Lauren Klair at ringside allowing Travis to roll him up and grab a handful of trunks for the 3.
Marshall X def Sam Wilder
Marshall X has his character really nailed down and gets the crowd to react immediately, chants of “Chav, Chav, Chav” ringing around the arena. Wilder is a great talent too and the crowd got behind him. It took a while for the 2 to click but once they found a rhythm they put on a good match with Marshall X cheating his way to victory
Hunter Bros def Corey Johnson & Chris Ridgeway
Match started with all 4 competitors getting the crowd going, what followed was a series of lock ups, take downs and tags all to a chorus if “WRESTLING!!” After this went on for some time (in a good way) the action picked up with bigger moves and harder hitting (and kicking) including the Hunters simultaneously going over the top rope taking out their opponents. All 4 guys gave it their all and took some real punishment including a brutal shoulder tackle/spear from Corey Johnson taking Lee off his feet and out of the ring. The Hunters ended up victorious but shared the ring with their opponents after the match in a show of respect. The real winner of the match though was … WRESTLING!!!
Eddie Dennis def. MK McKinnan (Winner goes into no. 1 contenders match at Part 3)
First half main event pitted “The Pride of Wales” Eddie Dennis against “The Future” MK McKinnan right from the bell the action went back and forth with kicks and punches but neither man could keep control for long, big moves and counters followed and some huge moves that you would expect to finish matches only got 2 counts as both men desperately fought to stay in the match. Finally Dennis picked up the win to claim his spot for the number one contendership for Pete Dunne’s title. 
As McKinnan recovered and acknowledged the crowd Dennis returned to the ring for a sneak attack but McKinnan stopped him and nailed him with a shining wizard before draping Dennis’s own Welsh flag over him in the ring
Morgan Webster def El Ligero
Second half kicks off with El Ligero taking on Morgan Webster, the match started off at a frenetic pace but Ligero eventually took control. Webster ended up on the outside on numerous occasions and Ligero seemed quite happy to take the count out victory but each time Webster just made it back in time, including a helping hand from the front row on one occasion. Both men slapped one another raw, Webster eventually building some momentum before going for some high risk offence, he missed a 450(?) splash but somehow managed to land on his feet. Webster eventually picked up the surprise victory – the look on his face would imply he was as surprised as anybody. Good solid match to keep the crowd in it after the break
Teacher vs Student – Dave Mastiff def Daniel Moloney
Big, Bad Dave is out first for this battle of teacher vs student. Moloney has ring presence that far exceeds his age and tried to take fight to the much bigger and more experienced Mastiff, his experience showing through when he repeatedly countered Moloneys attempts to reverse out of an arm bar. This angered Moloney who got more aggressive from then. In the same way as Eddie Dennis earlier for a big man, a VERY big man in fact Mastiff moves really quickly and is incredibly agile as he proved on multiple occasions. It looked like the match was over when Mastiff hit dome huge power moves culminating in a running senton splash  … But Moloney kicked out at ONE fueled by rage! He taunted Mastiff and slapped his face until he hit a German suplex into the turnbuckles followed by a running cannonball in the corner before covering him for the 3 count.
Kay Lee Ray def Bubblegum (Winner faces Eddie Dennis for no.1 contendership)
Main event time, Bubblegum is out first taunting the crowd and playing around, I love this character – so entertaining but so easy to hate, even picking a fight on somebody at ringside. Kay Lee Ray hits the ring with streamers falling from above her looking in amazing condition. The match gets underway when a Bubblegum jumps her from behind and starts manhandling her in and out of the ring – he gives her the opportunity to give up and “quit your bitchin’ and get back in the kitchen” this fires up Ray who mounts some offence and has Bubblegum on the run. The action goes back and forth and the crowd are really into it. It looks like it’s over on several occasions including a 2 footed stomp onto Rays back by a Bubblegum off the top rope. Ultimately Kay Lee Ray comes out on top much to the shock of Bubblegum.
After the match Eddie Dennis returned to the ring to stand off with Kay Lee Ray, trying to intimidate her ahead of their match at the next show on November 30th

1) Daniel Moloney continues to impress me every time I see him and looked right at home with Big, Bad Dave
2) Eddie Denis is a great big man with genuine talent and a great character
3) The Hunter Bros must be one of the best tag teams in the business, such great talent and they clearly enjoy whist they are doing
4) Kay Lee Ray, first time seeing her in person, a great athlete with some amazing talent
5) “Wrestling!!” chants throughout!!
Match of the night …
Wouldn’t like to separate the tag match, Dennis/McKinnan and Kay Lee Ray/Bubblegum, between them they had everything. Tag match was probably the most fun I’ve ever had watching wrestling, Dennis/McKinnan had great story telling, hard hitting, near falls and edge of the seat action, the main event was simply great, Kay Lee Ray can more than hold her own against the men and the whole match was high octane, heavy hitting and really got everybody involved.
Overall a great show from top to bottom, Pro Wrestling Kingdom deserves to do well, the look and feel of the show is original, the crowd had fun and all the talent got involved which added to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the evening, I’ve lost my voice … That can only mean it was a great night!

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