PCW Supershow 3 Results & Thoughts By @GreaterMuta


Night 1

Kevin Steen def Kris Travis, Dean Allmark and Joey Hayes
World of Sport Rules – Keith Myatt def Johnny Kidd
Team Single (T-Bone & Rampage Brown) & Bubblegum def Mastiff, D-Lo & Holly
April Davids def Awesome Kong (after distraction caused by Bubblegum turning up at ringside with flowers and chocolates for Kong)
Uhaa Nation def El Ligero
Legion of Boom (Masters & Rayne) def Danny Hope & Mad Man Manson
PCW Championship: Lionheart (c) def Noam Dar (Dar announced replacement after Doug Williams was a no show)
Hayes tried to cash in his MITB case post match, only for Lionheart to take out the ref. I was in the loo for this segment but this is how it was told to me by my other half and the scene I came back to with everyone still in and around the ring fits with that, so I’m pretty sure it was accurate.
Jushin Thunder Liger def Martin Kirby

Afternoon show Day 2

Noam Dar def Johnny Kid
Uhaa Nation def Danny Hope
Doug Williams def Johnny Moss
Team Single (T-Bone & Rampage Brown) & Bubblegum def Ligero & Kirby & Manson
Masterlock Challenge w/ Dave Rayne – Mastiff came out to chalenge Masters to a future match.
D’Lo Brown def Hardcore Holly
Kris Travis def Kevin Steen

Night 2

Doug Williams & Lionheart def Noam Dar & Uhaa Nation (per pre match stip, Lionheart gets to chose his next opponent and say he will be “phenomonal”, so looks like his opponent on Dec 6th will be AJ Styles)
Bob Holly def Johnny Moss
Dave Mastiff def Kevin Steen
Awesome Kong def Bubblegum
PCW Tag Team Title: Team Single (Rampage Brown & T-Bone) (c) def Project Lucha (El Ligero & Martin Kirby)
“Manson & Hope do whatever they want for 15mins” turned out to be “The PCW Players Present.. The Rock Horror Picture Show”.. Insanely funny stuff and Mastiff practically having a breakdown all dressed up as Riff Raff had me in pieces. Segment ended with Mastiff destroying both Manson and Hope.
Dean Allmark def Jushin Thunder Liger
Joey Hayes def D-Lo Brown by DQ (the ref and Brown were facing each other, Hayes reached through ref’s legs and pulled D-Lo’s leg up to low blow the ref)
Last Man Standing Match: Kris Travis def Chris Masters

A fantastic weekend of wrestling, by far the best UK shows i’ve attended and great value for money. We arrived at around 12 on Saturday and left at 9:30-10pm. Other than leaving the building for 20mins to grab some food, we were there all day as there was always something to do (Q&A, meet and greet). Big props to the promoter also, he went out of his way to resolve a few ticket related issues for me (of my own making, not his). He also made a point of arranging for Bob Holly to meet with me after the show for a pic and autograph as i had missed him during the meet and greet. Big props ot Holly for this also. You dont get this kind of dedication from any other UK promoter IMO.

Wrestling wise it was off the hook with too many great moments to mention. But i would seriously recommend everyone of your listeners pick up the DVDs as the shows were all great, as was the Q&A (which was filmed. feat Holly, D-Lo, Uhaa, Kong, SoCal, Steen & Masters). Even the afternoon show was to a high standard with no phoning it in. Travis had 2 insanely good matches across the 2 shows on day 2. Defeating both Steen and Masters in some really enjoyable encounters. The LMS match with Masters was brutal, the chair shot to finish it off was BRUTAL.

Uhaa Nation is freakishly talented. A guy of his bulk shouldnt be able to do the stuff he does, but damn is it a joy to watch live. He was super over with the crowd. As were Holly and D-Lo. In fact, i don’t remember being part of a live crowd THAT hot before. They bever got burned out and were hot as hell all weekend. At various points you could tell just how genuinely humbled both D-Lo and Holly were by the crowd, with both taking the time to thank everyone.

Picking a match of the day, let alone a match of the weekend is impossible based on the level of competition on these shows. Just great stuff top to bottom.

All the talented were cool to meet during the meet and greet. Everyone seemed genuinely pleased to be there and wasn’t rushing people through. Liger signed every autograph “to (insert name)..” by having everyone write their name on a piece of paper for him to copy. A real class act in every sense.

After 6 wrestling shows this week, a concert, a Q&A and 4 signings.. I’m beat lol.


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