PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 10 ‘Glory Follows Virtue As If It Were It’s Shadow’ (24/11/13) Results


To start the show, Glen Joseph took to the mic and said he didn’t feel right being out there then out came Jim Smallman to thunderous applause. Following this Mark Haskins came out and was moaning about not being on the card, he then proceeded to put out an open challenge to anyone in the building.

1. Tommy End defeated Mikey Whiplash following a top rope double foot stomp

2. Project Ego defeated Grado & Mad Man Manson to advance in the PROGRESS tag team championship tournament

3. Doug Williams defeated Nathan Cruz following the Chaos Theory

4. Adam Cole answers the open challenge and defeated Mark Haskins following a brain buster to his knee

5. The London Riots battled to a double count out with The Bhangra Knights, this was a first round match in the PROGRESS Wrestling tag team tournament. On a side note, Smallman had asked the fans to turn their backs on The Riots when they made their entrance which they did.

6. PROGRESS champion Rampage Brown retained the title by pinning STIXX following a piledriver

7. In the main event, to win the Natural Progression tournament Mark Andrews defeated Paul Robinson following a Moonsault slam**. Andrews winning this series of course guarantees him a title match when he wants to, he says he wants his match NOW!! Nathan Cruz comes out and accepts the challenge on behalf of Rampage Brown, the match started, Brown was destroying Andrews but in a shocker, Mark Andrews pinned Brown to become the NEW PROGRESS WRESTLING CHAMPION

Following the match, The London riots return but this time they are accompanied by Jimmy Havoc who of course turned his bvack on PROGRESS at the last show violently attacking Jim Smallman, a while ago, Smallman agreed to let Havoc have a contract which would give him any match he wants, Havoc smashes Andrews with a chair, he poured lighter fluid over Andrews, Smallman has agreed to Havoc having a title match with Andrews right now, Havoc says Smallman is the referee. Havoc beats Andrews to win the PROGRESS title.

**After his win over Paul Robinson, Mark Andrews is given the opportunity to pick someone that lost in the series to be in next years and he chooses Will Ospreay, of course Andrews defeated Ospreay a few shows back to end his PROGRESS career.

Thanks to Dave Green (@dagreeno) for sending in the results, you can hear Dave on this weeks episode of The Indy Corner (#42) giving his thoughts on the show.


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