10 Questions With Lana Austin By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With Lana Austin By Craig Jarrett

1- At what moment did you realize that becoming a wrestler was what you wanted to do?

I have been a big wrestling fan since an early age, but the moment when I thought I wanna do this, I wanna be a wrestler is when I first saw Lita and the Hardy Boys.

2- Which female wrestler would you say you have modeled yourself against if any?

Lita, I loved her attitude and style.

3- What do you think of the UK women’s scene compared to WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts?

I think British women’s wrestling is getting better on the whole and I believe with time and the right people training us, we will be on a level with either of those.

4- Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

So far I have enjoyed working with Nixon the most, she is great to work with in the ring. Also working with Leah Von Dutch and Violet O’Hara in a triple threat match was a great experience too.

5- Who do you look forward to hopefully working with in the future?

In the future I’m looking forward to working with Kay Lee Ray and Violet Vendetta. I would also love to work with Erin Angel, Viper and Nikki Storm.

6- Which women’s promotion in the world would you most like to work for?

Well if WWE asked I wouldn’t say no lol, however at the moment I want to get better at training and get my name out there in the UK scene and hopefully work for all different promotions and work with all kinds of different people.

7- Who do you enjoyed watching most on the UK scene, male or female?

I enjoy watching so many different people for different reasons, like Tyson T Bone I enjoy watching him to learn from, I enjoy watching Mad Man Manson, Danny Hope and Ryan Smile as they make me laugh every time. I enjoy watching people like Kris Travis and Martin Kirby as they just amaze me each time with how good they are in the ring.

8- What is your biggest achievement in wrestling so far?

My biggest achievement so far would have to be making my debut for the place I train with Grand Pro Wrestling. People saying i wouldn’t get booked there because I’m female, I stayed there and proved them wrong.

9- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I see my self still going to GPW training every week to always improve and hopefully be one of the top females in the UK.

10- What do you think is the reason why UK wrestling isn’t back on our TV screens yet?

Too many egos, too many back stabbers and too many people thinking they know it all. I do wish people would work together and help each other instead of all the slagging each other off, jealousy and not liking competition comes to mind. The wrestling world would be a much prettier place if people stopped thinking their too good to help others or too good to help put up and take down a wrestling ring!!

Thank you to Lana for her time and you can follow her on Twitter @LeeannAustin1


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