10 Questions with Robbie X (@RobBell1995) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions with Robbie X (@RobBell1995) By Craig Jarrett

1- Which wrestler did you watch that inspired you become a wrestler?

First wrestler who inspired me into wanting to become a wrestler was Spud back in the 1PW days.

2- Who on the UK scene would you say that you look up to for inspiration?

El Ligero is my inspiration on the UK scene as he is the only one I can think of that works full time also along side with Ligero working full time his wrestling to me is solid all round.

3- In your career so far who would you say you have enjoyed working with the most?

I’ve enjoyed working against Damien Dunne, The Predators (Paul Malen & Joe Connors), El Ligero and Jay lethal.

4- Who on the UK scene would you love to work with the most?

I’d love to work Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews, Kid Fite and Kris Travis.

5- What is your proudest achievement to date in wrestling?

Proudest must be me and Jay Lethal as that match has to be the best match I’ve ever had I have had so much good feedback from other wrestlers and that just made me realize how much passion I had for wrestling.

6- Regarding how young you broke into the business, how long do you see your career lasting?

Starting at a young age has had a good and bad effect on my career but I feel it’s going to last a while.

7- Which promotion on the UK circuit that you haven’t worked with before would you most like to?

I’ve worked with the best promotions but I’d love to work for Revolution Pro again also I’d like to work for PCW as well.

8- Who on the UK scene do you think is an underrated talent?

I’ve said this from the first time I worked with him, Damien Dunne is by far the most underrated worker on the UK scene today.

9- What is your long term goal in wrestling?

My goal is to travel the world see different places and hopefully aim to get into TNA, WWE or even Dragon Gate.

10- What do you think of the UK wrestling scene in general and does it have what it takes to compete with America and Asia?

On a personal note I think the UK scene is getting more publicity now that they are more top promotions.

I would like to thank Robbie X for his time in doing this short interview, you can follow him on Twitter @RobBell1995


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