10 Questions With.. Drew Gulak (@DrewGulak) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With.. Drew Gulak (@DrewGulak) By Craig Jarrett

1 At what point did you decided that you wanted to become a professional wrestler?

Two times growing up. I used to watch Superstars with my brother and wondered why some guys couldn’t roll out of the way when someone was attacking them from the top rope. I thought, “Hey, if that were me I could move.” And then again when I started attending CZW shows and saw guys like Red and the SAT, and the Briscoes. They didn’t look much older than me.

2 Was it tough for you to break into the business?

Yes. Through a chance meeting in the Sahara desert during a school trip I ran into a gentleman who wrestled under the name “Van Hammer.” He told me about a promotion run by Zandig near where I lived named CZW. From there I attended the shows with my brother and it wasn’t until we started on the ring crew for a year that we went down to the CZW Academy for our tryouts. It was hard. On top of training, and school, and wrestling on the school team, and traveling on the weekends going to other shows and amateur tournaments, and doing the ring crew, and driving the other guys, and dealing with the pain every day, and paying for the tuition, and going to clinics. I’ve seen a lot of people begin training and only a few finish.

3 Who were your inspirations to make it in wrestling?

Ken Shamrock, Steve Blackman, Dan Severn and The Acolytes.

4 Who have you enjoyed working with most of all in your career so far?

Any time I can share a ring with one of my trainers is a lot of fun for me. That’s the ultimate test for me to see how I am growing because I get to be in there with people who will offer me honest criticism and who won’t hold back.

5 Who do you look forward to working with in the future?

No one specifically. I like testing my skill against people who have different experiences than I do as well as people who I’m familiar with. I think that covers everyone.

6 What is your proudest moment in wrestling so far?

Wrestling my brother during his debut at CZW’s Summer School event held at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia back in 2008. Aside from that winning the CZW World Championship in 2013 against MASADA at Tangled Web was a surreal and proud moment for me.

7 Where do you ideally see your wrestling career in 5 years time?

I would like to be working more frequently and earning more from wrestling one way or another. I feel like even though I’ve been doing this for almost 9 years I am just starting to scratch the surface of my potential. I suppose ideally I’d like to remain healthy above all else.

8 What promotion is your favorite to work for?

Combat Zone Wrestling but I am biased. It’s my home promotion. There are a lot of wonderful places that I have been able to work with over my career and it’s been fun. I feel like I am getting to experience this art form during a pivotal time during its existence based on a lot of factors. The more I think about it I think in 5 years what we are used to with mainstream wrestling will become very different.

9 Who would you say on the independent scene is underrated and deserves more bookings?

Anyone who puts forth the effort to get better. Thats a difficult question because I am under the impression that you don’t inherently deserve anything. All you can do is love what you do and if that is true I think you’ll find enjoyment and achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

10 What do you know of the UK wrestling scene and its wrestlers if any?

I’ve been fortunate to travel over there recently. The UK is different from the US mostly in it’s size. That effects everything. The economy, the government, the social trends, the media. Pro wrestling is an exhibition that exists within that. I saw the same changes happening there that I do here only it might happen faster due to the size difference I was speaking about earlier. It all relates back to society. The future is bright.

Thank you so much to Drew for taking time out to do this interview with me, you should all go over to Twitter and give this guy a follow @DrewGulak


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