10 Questions With Xander Cooper (@thexandercooper) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With Xander Cooper (@thexandercooper) By Craig Jarrett

1 When did you realize that you wanted to become a wrestler?

The very moment I first watched it. Believe it or not the first match I watched was the Wrestlemania 12 Iron Man Match, which I had recorded by accident. Since then I watched as much wrestling as I could (without my parents knowing). But it was only really 1999 that I figured out how to use the Sky box properly and then my parents couldn’t really stop me. Being able to watch it continuously only allowed my passion to grow.

2 Who on the UK scene inspired you if anyone?

Two people really inspired me on the UK scene. The first being Bubblegum (Cousin Pip!) Who I first saw perform back in 2007 and have loved his work ever since. A genuine nice guy outside of the ring and so knowledgeable about the business. The second is Joey Hayes. A man who I wrestled in tag matches for years at Futureshock and learned so much from. Both men are two of the best in this country and couldn’t think of two better talents to look up to.

3 Who on the international scene inspired you if anyone?

Naomichi Marufuji and Chris Sabin are two talents that I’ve always followed. Mainly for their constant creativity an Innovation as well as their understanding of how to entertain any and all fans. Marufuji in particular is someone who inspires me greatly as he is someone who really honed his craft and learned all styles and molded them into his own allowing him to have a great match with anyone.

4 So far in your career what would you say is your proudest achievement?

Winning the 2013 Futureshock Trophy Tournament. A personal goal that I set myself when I first came to Futureshock years ago having seen many top talents and friends win it previously I was keen to follow in their foot steps. I spent 2013 devoted to the goal of of trophy: hours of traveling and training does pay off it would seem.

5 Who have you most enjoyed working with in the ring?

This is a genuinely difficult question to answer, but after much thought it would be Zack Gibson. I’ve never met anyone with such passion for this business and his knowledge is unparalleled. Every compliment under the sun has been forwarded to Zack (and rightfully so) but Zack from planning to performing he is the consummate professional, never short of ideas and is always entertaining to watch.

6 Who on the UK scene would you love to work with in the future?

Zack Sabre Jr., Bubblegum, Dean Allmark, RJ Singh and Will Ospreay. All for various and obvious reasons. Either because they are the best at what they do or are really coming into their own right now. Or even because it would be a great learning experience.

7 What UK promotion would you most like work for that you haven’t done already?

Infinite Promotions is quickly establishing itself as one of the premier companies not just in the North but across the country also. With a wide range of talent and an incredible atmosphere from the crowd I would to wrestle for Infinite.

8 Do you think there is a wrestler on the UK scene that deserves more exposure?

CJ Banks is the first name that springs to mind. Although he is an established name throughout the North and Scotland I really think that bookers under utilize him and he deserves a lot more bookings. I once spent 5 maybe 10 minutes in the ring with CJ and learned so much!

9 What do you think of the UK scene in general and its chances of competing with the American and Asian scenes?

In my opinion one key thing has to happen from everyone in the industry, investment. Investment from the bookers/promoters to really up the production value of their shows so that when fans walk into the building they would be in awe of what they are seeing. The show itself should look like a spectacle. Now I know not every promoter has that kind of money but your show should be well promoted and the venue well thought out and not look like you’re just using a fire door as an entrance. Companies such as NGW and Rev Pro are companies who has spent the time and money to make their shows look great so that they can compete with the American/Asian companies. But also investment from the talent. To spend the time in the gym (I realize I am not the biggest but I at least look like an athlete), to get professional looking attire, to spend the time learning your craft at training..

10 Where do you see yourself as a wrestler in the next 5 years?

Honestly, I have no idea. I have ambitions and goals such as performing overseas as well as working for companies across the UK. I prefer to live in the moment and make things happen day by day so I have no idea where I’ll be 5 years but I look forward to finding out.

Thank you to “The Man For All Seasons” for taking time out to do this well thought out and detail filled interview with me and I agree with so much he has mentioned in this.
You can and you should follow him over on Twitter @thexandercooper


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