10 Questions With…. Paul Robinson (@PR_Wrestling)

10 Questions With.... Paul Robinson (@PR_Wrestling)

1. Growing up I guess you was a fan, who were some of your favourites as a youngster?

Oh yes I was a fan, like used to stay up late watching RAW on a Friday. As a kid I was a mega Rock fan. Was all about The Rock!

2. What made you take that leap from just being a fan to wanting to become a wrestler yourself?

I think I’ve always wanted to be a wrestler. At the time when I first started training or was kickboxing 7 days a week, so at the grand age of 12 I started to give up my Sundays to attends dropkixx wrestling school

3. You just mentioned dropkixx but where, when and who with did you get your training?

If I was asked who trained me, I would say Tony Scarlo at dropkixx. But I have traveled about and have trained with a wide range of trainers. I would also have to credit Mark Sloan, I did a week at FWA in 04 n everything has always stuck and he continues to give great advise. It’s safe to say your never stop learning though.

4. Do you recall who your first actual match was against and if so, memories?

I do indeed. Was Feb 03 for dropkixx against a fellow trainee Christian Cooper. I was the bad ass heel, came out to some Hatebreed song. After I think 3 hard fought rounds I lost via submission to a sharpshooter. Unfortunately Christian moved to America for a while and had lost interest by the time he returned. Would love to have seen how he’d got on if he stuck at it.

5. I’ve seen you work for Rev-Pro and PROGRESS, in Rev Pro yourself & Will Ospreay as the Swords of Essex are tag team champions, tell us about getting that honour and working with Will.

I love working with Will, we’ve known each other for about 7 Years, weird that we have never actually wrestled each other. Winning the Rev-Pro tag belts was huge for myself, it was the first title I’d ever won and to do so at York Hall against quite possibly the best tag team in Europe in Project Ego (forgetting ourselves of course) I was proper buzzing that night! Now just look forward to more successful title defences.

6. In PROGRESS you were part of the inaugural Natural Progression Series, how did you feel at first when you were told you were being put into that series?

If I’m honest I didn’t think it was for me, having been active for 10 years I didn’t think I should be in it. Then I realised it was a major opportunity. I am happy to say I give it my all and have definitely benefitted from it. I love PROGRESS!

7. Two of the matches I really enjoyed you in were the one with MK McKinnan and of course the final where you narrowly missed out to Mark Andrews, tell us about working with these guys.

MK was interesting having taken his place in the Natural Progression Series, I’d heard lots about him but was yet to see him wrestle, damn I wish had, the guy definitely puts his weight (there’s a lot of it) behind his strikes would be interesting to have another go. With Mark it was the total opposite, I’d met him and seen him wrestle quite a bit. Going into the match with Ospreay in my corner, who as you know, knows Mark extremely well, I was confident I could do what Will couldn’t. Andrews is outstanding!

8. Mark of course is a part of the Defend Indy Wrestling group, do you have any thoughts at all you would share with us about the Screw Indy Wrestling group and their message?

I admire what the Defend lads have done. My stand on it, we’re independent professional wrestlers. When was the last time the Screw Indy guys were signed and not independent? Oh wait one of them was for a bit… The’re Indy wrestlers!

9. Sticking with PROGRESS, Will & yourself will be part of the tag team tournament at Chapter 11 where you’ll be taking on that man Mark Andrews & Eddie Dennis who of course you beat in the NPS, how do you see this one going?

I’m hyped, proper! They were amazing alone, so as a team it’s gonna be tough. However as a tag team, Will & I are unbeaten so I’d say were definitley confident. Would be a great start to 2014 to get one over on em, even better if one of us managed to pin Mark Andrews. Fingers crossed that with mine and Ospreay’s knowledge of Mark and Eddie, we’ll have them at Chapter 11.

10. And finally Paul, what does the future hold for ‘Mr Wrestling’ Paul Robinson, is working abroad on the horizon at all or are you happy doing what you’re doing at the moment?

The end of last year reignited my love for wrestling and I just can’t wait to get this year kicked off, Having turned it down before I can say I’ll definitely going abroad this year! I’m more hungry than ever to make this a success! I intend to add to the IPW-UK title and Rev-Pro tag championship. Can honestly say I’m already doing all I can to make sure this year is bigger and better that the last… So excited for 2014, my year starts at IPW-UK on the 19th and it can’t come soon enough!

Thanks for your time today Paul, please plug anything you wish to and I’d just like to wish you all the very best for your future career.

Thank you! We’ve got some pukka companies down south with some pukka shows coming up! You’ve got FPW in Wallington Surrey, RCWA in Rainham, Essex, the amazing Lucha Britannia, PROGRESS which seems to grower faster than any company ever, IPW-UK in Kent, where I’ve just become Champ! And there is Rev-Pro who I’m sure will fill York Hall again in March. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to go up north or abroad thank you again, take care.



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