10 Questions With … Aime Jay (@AimeAustin1) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With ... Aimed Jay (@AimeAustin1) By Craig Jarrett

1- When was the moment that you decided that wrestling was something that you wanted to become apart of?

It was something I’ve always wanted to do since I was little, since I first watched it with my Grandad I knew I loved it. I think people thought I’d grow out of it as I got older but I got more into it.

2- Who in your personal life supported your decision to become a wrestler and was there any negativity towards your decision?

There has never been any negativity towards my decision. My family and friends, mainly my mum have always been very supportive towards it all the way.

3- Who in wrestling has been a key supporter in your work?

Matt ‘Stallion’ Whitfield has been my biggest help, always being supportive and encouraging.

4- Who in wrestling has inspired you the most?

Edge, I was always a fan of his from being little he always amazed me in the ring.

5- Do you feel that women’s wrestling gets taken more seriously on the the indy scene than it does in WWE or TNA?

I think women’s wrestling gets taken more seriously in the indys at the moment there is so many great women’s promotions now like Bellatrix, Shimmer, LCW Roses and British Bombshells to name a few and with most other shows having women’s matches. The talent in indys is amazing at the moment.

6- In your career so far who have you enjoyed working with in the ring and why?

Rachel Arijon (Dragonita) she was really fun to work with. Her style is different to most so it makes her stand out more, shes really good.

7- Who would you most like to work with on the indy scene and why?

I’d really like to work with Lana Austin, Violet Vendetta, Viper, Katey Harvey and Nadia Sapphire to name a few.

8- Do you pay much attention to the UK wrestling scene and if so who do you enjoy watching?

I enjoy watching different styles like Noam Dar, Robbie X, Stixx, Kris Travis and Marty Scurll.

9- What do you think of the UK scenes chances of taking fans away from WWE and TNA?

I don’t think you can really take fans away from any kind of scene. The UK scene is growing with promotions like PCW, ICW, WAW, PW4U, Southside and Rev Pro.

10- Which women’s promotion anywhere in the world would you love to work for?

Besides the obvious I’d say Shimmer they have an amazing roster with the likes of Sweet Saraya, Serena Deeb and Jennifer Blake to name a few.

Thank you to Aime for being kind enough to take time out to do this interview, you can keep an eye on her schedule and follow her over on Twitter under the handle @AimeAustin1 and Aime would also like you give Forecast Designs a follow for their work on her picture @forecastdesign


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