10 Questions With…. JG Nash (@itsJGNash) By Craig Jarrett

1. How long have you been a fan of wrestling?
Wow since I was very young, I remember having the Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior match with my friend with our wrestling buddies. Also I recall taking a brutal power slam from him at one point after a Nintendo game winning spree went wrong. I had all the toys and blue ring and always went over the road to my friends who had Sky TV to watch PPv’s when ever I could. Also asked my mother if I could rent the WWF videos from the local video shop to watch the earlier stuff, she let me have 2 every fortnight if i was good.
2. When did you decide that you wanted to become involved in wrestling?
It came at a strange time. I’ve always loved the idea of being an actual in ring performer but never investigated into where and how I could practice or train. A lot of my wrestling love got put on hold for a few years after school as I got so into an apprenticeship and double jobs. I started to get back into it when my boy arrived and we would watch Smackdown on a Saturday together as part of his morning routine. More years later I had seen a few shows including All-Star wrestling, saw Dean Allmark and shouted leg drop (as the biggest/oldest fan in the room) and he obliged by hitting James Mason with it, night made. Began working out and got to 16 stone at one point, strictly no cardio looking shape and then dropped down again. It was not till 2010 I started investigating where to train. Couple of places I found had been and gone and I wanted to be close to the family for obvious reasons. I stumbled across Grapple (in Leeds) after my daughter had arrived, then I was on my way to finding out what the wrestling world is about.
3. As well as wrestling you also work many shows as an MC, which do you prefer to do?
Both, I love to wrestle but also love being on the mic, a little too much at times but when you can control a crowd with your every word what’s not to love. I believe the crowd like interaction with every aspect of a show. They have paid to be entertained. That’s what I give them.
4. What do you think of the West Yorkshire wrestling scenes chances of being taken seriously?
The West Yorkshire scene for me is the same as any other part of the UK or World, why? Because a show is as successful as the promotion that is done for it, I’ve seen big names pull in 42 people and I’ve seen “unknown” wrestlers at a show that’s pulled in 178 people into a working men’s club function room. purely down to advertising. I once supplied 3000 flyers to a promoter, show day, 18 people.
Its not a case of being taken seriously in my eyes. A show is for the customer not the wrestler and his friends. if Mr and Mrs Smith bring Dave and Jane to see some wrestling and leave entertained and wanting to come back. Pat on the back to the promoter. If not, Mr Promoter change the situation. I get paid to put on my wonderpants and boots and give those people in the crowd something to smile and clap about. The Yorkshire companies I’ve worked for have all taught me different things, some good some bad but that’s what experience is about. Location does not effect an industry.
5. Which promotion have you most enjoyed working for so far?
Best promotion? I can’t pick just one, each and every promotion that has let me work for them in any capacity has been a pleasure. It’s put my face out there and my Wonderpants (should get them trademarked really). For that I am thankful. I’ve had matches on each promotion which has taught me something each time. I have yet to experience a bad promotion. Always been paid and thanked and that’s the way I want it to carry on.
6. You are one half of a tag team called Boogie & The Geek along with Disco Wes, how did that come about?
Myself and DW met at Grapple, He had all ready been training before myself and looked like he knew what he was doing and was the same size as me, in class we trained together and became friends we joked about having a 10 year war and that in now 8 years I will call him out for a fight. Boogie and the geek happened over night as an idea and eventually came into play as we got matching gear for a promotion and ended up in a triple threat for HIS title, needless to say we beat each other up and Bubba ‘The Butcher’ Morris and DW still won, we went onwards and upwards and became Grapples first ever Tag Team Champions. In between fighting each other again in another triple threat?? Its like Hogan and Macho Man for us. He’s one of my best friends now and is always doing things in training that make me want to work harder. He has a t-shirt with the words “nothing is impossible” written across it. Where as mine just has a massive sweat patch.
7. Who have you most enjoyed working with in the ring so far?
Most enjoyed match was with Priscilla ‘Queen Of The Ring’ any time I’ve stepped into the ring with him it’s been about having a real good vs bad match and the crowd were more than pleased with us. Having a match with Priscilla is what wrestling should be for me. Crowd in your hands and you leave them highly entertained and wanting more. Plus he has slapped my face every single time we’ve met the cow bag!!
8. You attend the Grapple school in Leeds, do you see many talents that deserve to be better known?
All the guys and girls at Grapple are coming along great. Its a busy school that is always full for fitness and then training (at points 30 students flying about the place) I’m in no position to say who’s up and coming but expect to see more Grapple students breaking out in due course (Jess Heartless and Jonny Divine)
9. How did you come up with the name JG Nash?
“JG Nash are you related to Kevin Nash?” JT Nash, GJ Nash, Nasher. Had countless variations and questions about my name. Here is the answer to what it is.
J is for Joshua
G is for Grace
N is for Nathan
A is for And
S is for Sarah
H is for Hanna
It’s my Family all in one. Ta Da!! Now its a secret. Don’t tell anyone. Id have loved it to be geek related via binary and SMTP variation but no. Closer to my heart.
10. What does 2014 have in store for you?
2014, What’s next? In the last 5 months I have been working on my body more than ever, I still weigh in at 15 stone and no matter what I do I cant get bigger or smaller so working on making myself look better for that moment in wrestling that someone wants to remove my t-shirt? I mean who would want to ruin a perfectly good Star Wars t-shirt? Its not like anyone has seen a good geek go bad? Or have they?
At the moment the work calender is good. Couple of Videos to be released and Wonderpants to be made.
Hopefully you can see me down South or up North at other promotions then I can give you more insight on seriousness of other areas until then like and follow me for all events and Nash related media www.facebook.com/itsJGNash and Twitter @itsJGNash
Thanks to Nash for giving this great interview and like the guy said you can like his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter.

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