“The Golden Truth” Episode 1 With Harvey Dale (@TheHarveyDale) – Thursday 9th January 2014

Editors note: As you can see in the title, this was written on Jan 9th and was supposed to debut on the brand new Indy Corner website but there is some issues with the site going live at the moment so this is why it’s posted on here, I hope you enjoy it.

“An Introduction To The Golden Truth”

Where do I begin? I suppose, introducing myself would be a reasonable place to start, so let’s go from there. My name is Harvey Dale (it actually isn’t, but if you think we are getting into the why’s and who’s of how I came to be known as Harvey Dale then you will have to just wait and see), I have a bit of a reputation for not mincing my words and being a little outspoken, so when I was approached by the good folk at “The Indy Corner” and asked if I would be interested in writing a weekly column for the site, what else was there for me to say? In fact, my first question was “Am I allowed to say anything I like or will what I say be ‘censored’ before being allowed to be put up?” Having been assured that the column was mine to write about what I please and say whatever I feel needs to be said, then it was, as Kevin Bacon would say, ‘a no brainer’. This year has, for me, been an up and down one. Professionally I have had the opportunity to get my name out there and work with some of the best talent the world over. I have been involved in matches this year with Bob Holly, Kevin Steen (twice), Colt Cabana (who ripped my shirt, the B*stard), Super Crazy, Jigsaw, Tommy Dreamer, Soldier Ant, Uhaa Nation, Davey Richards and a whole host of other international talent. For these experience I will be forever grateful to the promoters who have shown faith in me and allowed me these chances. I recently won the fans poll for “Most Hated Villain” of 2013 in Southside Wrestling Entertainment, something that I was honoured just to be nomiated for alongside such talents as Martin Kirby, The Predators and Stixx….but, enough about me….i’m sure you will learn everything you need to know as time goes on!

So….where shall we begin? I would like to think that I have a fairly broad knoweldge of what goes on on the British scene, having spent a number of years as a fan of British Wrestling and travelling to shows the length and breadth of the country. I have attended some of the greatest shows ever to be put on in this country and in turn, I have sat and suffered some absolute tripe….yes….I have been to UKW! What I want to use the column for is to maybe help introduce some people to either a new product or maybe a new wrestler, one that you may not be familiar with or have not had the chance to see, so every week, I shall pick either a great UK promotion or a great UK worker who should be seen more than he/she currently is. We have so much talent in this country at the moment and it is such a shame that the politics of the scene, dictate who gets to work in which area’s and whose face ‘fits’ in the locker rooms!

Now, enough with all of the positivity, let’s face it, I wasn’t asked to do this column because I only ever write about the good stuff was I? I think I would be doing a dis-service to myself and to you if I tried to pretend that everything in British Wrestling is rosy and that all of the people involved get on like a house on fire! Sadly, as much as it may be a dream for everyone to get along, work together and build for the same goal, it just isn’t like that! A personal hate of mine is the absolute lack of respect shown by certain promoters and dare I say it ‘wannabe’ promoters when searching for a new area to move into or start up a ‘promotion’ just because they believe they are a ‘wrestler’ and cannot get booked anywhere else (usually because they are untrained backyarders with too much time on their hands) . I touched on this in a Q&A session that I was asked to do a week or so ago, explaining my views but I figured the first column would be a great time to expand on what I mean and see if there was anyone out there who had a similar or indeed a differing opinion on whether this is just ‘healthy competition’ or whether it is damaging to the UK Scene.

In my Q&A session, I used NGW (New Generation Wrestling) as an example of a promotion that is run to the very highest standard available. For those of you unfamiliar with NGW, I hope to feature them as one of the promotions I intend to introduce you to within the next few months. On the other end of the scale was a tin pot ‘promotion’ called Bradford Wrestling Alliance (BWA). The point that I had made was that we are in a situation in the UK at the moment where more and more people are living on the breadline. Bradford is not a huge city and from what I understand, not a rich city. During 2013, Bradford had 2 ‘companies’ offering wrestling shows within the area, so, I pose the question to you…… If a family who can only afford to go to one show, who have never been to a British Wrestling show before see 2 posters advertising “Wrestling” and just happen to make the wrong choice and attend the BWA show, as it was most probably cheaper and see this as their first ever “British Wrestling” experience, are we ever likely to get this family of potential fans through the door of another British Wrestling show again? You only get one chance to make a first impression and these idiots that think they can hire a ring, get a bunch of their mates together and put on a ‘wrestling show’ because they have played ‘wrestler’ in their back garden or watched Raw for over 3 years are seriously damaging the chances of us EVER getting back to the glory days of old.

What makes it worse for me, is that these people, and it isn’t just BWA, so please don’t think that I am trying to drugde all of this ill feeling back up or focus my attention back on people who really do not deserve to even be talked about in the same breathe as genuinely decent workers or promoters, these people then stick their absolute rubbish all over YouTube for the world to see. You get a US based fan who thinks to themself, I know, i’ll see what wrestling is like in the UK, they type in “UK Wrestling” and what do they get……U, K F’n W! A show that paraded itself around as a “TV Product” for years, filmed in an adandoned warehouse with a dodgy roof using a bunch of guys who had ‘trained’ at their own ‘Academy’. Is this the type of first impression we want to make to a new audience? That is the first question I would put to anyone who has an interest in British Wrestling.

For questions, topics and queries, you can get me easily on twitter @TheHarveyDale or locate me on facebook, simply hiding under the name “Harvey Dale”. Next week I intend to kick off with a bit of a feature on the first of my top UK Promotions and i’m sure that there will be some opinions floating around about what I have said today so look forward to reading any responses. I would like to thank “The Indy Corner” for taking an interest in what I have to say and affording me this opportunity to ‘vent’ my frustrations on a weekly basis. I feel this rollercoaster could be a bumpy one!



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