10 Questions With … Lexi Reckless (@LexiReckless) By Craig Jarrett

1. When did you first become a fan of wrestling?
I first became a fan of wrestling when I was about 8/9, I’d already watched it on TV the odd time and my parents had bought me the first WWF Smackdown game for my Playstation 1, from then on I’d watch it more and more, every chance I could get, I’ve loved it ever since.
2. When did you decide that you wanted to become a wrestler?
Since I was little (according to my mum), you’d always find me either chokeslamming my dolls, or trying to headlock various people so I guess its always been something I’d like to try, I know, I sound like I must’ve been such a lovely child. But it wasn’t until I was about 18 that I decided it’s something I wanted to do, but being in college and having a job meant I had no time for it at all which was a shame, even though I had no clue where to go or how to go about getting started.
3. Which wrestler has inspired you the most?
I really cannot choose a single person, there are quite a few people who have inspired me, but I’d have to say the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus inspired me to be a wrestler, they’ve always been 2 of the best female wrestlers in my opinion, also I’d say AJ Lee, just because we’re kind of similar, quite small, not very big built and I too was always getting told that I was too small/weak to be a wrestler, but AJ Lee is the living proof that size doesn’t matter. Knowing how much she’s accomplished despite being told she couldn’t, that inspires me quite a lot.
4. Do you watch a lot of UK wrestling, if so who impresses you the most?
Recently I have been watching so much UK wrestling, online, DVDs and going to shows. I’d have to say, two of the people who impress me most would be El Ligero and Mark Andrews, I love watching both of them so much, I’ll never get bored of watching either of them, you just never know what they’re gonna do next. If I can be half as good as those guys one day I’ll be so happy.
5.  How did you get started in becoming a wrestler?
One day one of my friends who I knew way before Grapple mentioned to me about it, straight away I was certain I wanted to come join and see how I get on, when the day finally came I got on really well, made so many new friends and have rarely missed a session ever since. I’ve worked hard to get where I am now, I still have a very long way to go but I’m a long stretch from the shy, timid little girl I was when I first started.
6.  Who have you enjoyed working with so far?
I’m still pretty new to working on different shows other than Grapple and I haven’t really had that many matches, but I’d have to say I’ve enjoyed working with Violet O’Hara and Kandy Leigh the most so far. They’re both so talented, I learned quite a lot in the short space of time that I had working with them. I’m working with Violet again at the end of the month which I’m really looking forward to, and hopefully I’ll get to work with Kandy again at some point.
7.  Who would you love to work with on the UK scene in 2014?
To name a few, I’d love to work with the likes of Lana Austin, Kay Lee Ray and Nixon. I’ve seen quite a bit of all three of them and I just think they’re all so talented. I’d jump at any opportunity to work with them. Hopefully one day I’ll get the chance, let’s see what 2014 brings.
8.  Which UK promotion would you love to work for the most?

Oh gosh there’s loads, so many great promotions, I’d never be able to choose just one! I’d have to say Bellatrix, HXC, ICW, RPW and also NGW. I’ve been to a few NGW shows and they’ve always been awesome, you can really see how much hard work goes into every aspect of it, to be a part of it some day would be great. There’s loads more too but I’ll not go on and on about it.

9. Do you watch any overseas women’s promotions?

To be honest, and this is gonna sound a bit crappy of me, but I’m not sure if I’ve watched any overseas women’s wrestling promotions, I mean, I’ve watched a lot of matches online from all over the world, so I might have done, but I can’t exactly remember where or what the promotion may have been called.

10.  Do you think think women’s wrestling gets taken more seriously these days?

I do think it’s getting taken more seriously, obviously wrestling is, and always will be a male dominated industry, but its good to see more and more women’s wrestling promotions popping up and more women’s matches on different shows. Being part of the British Bombshells myself, a promotion for female wrestlers, it helps us to get out there and show everyone that we can be just as good as the guys.

Thank you to Lexi (great name by the way), I wish her all the best at Grapple and hopefully she can get into the NGW school too. You can follow her on Twitter @LexiReckless


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