10 Questions With … Violet Vendetta (@VioletVendetta) By Craig Jarrett

1. When did you become a fan of wrestling?
I became a fan when I was about 13, I watched a PPV with a family member once, and I’ve been hooked ever since.
2. Was it a long term goal to become involved with wrestling?
When I first started, no. I just wanted to see what it was like, and then I just fell in love with it all.
3. Is being involved in a wrestling something you do full time?
At the moment no, I am an art student full time until June ‘14
4. What promotions have you worked for so far?
5. Who have you enjoyed working with so far?
As a Valet, I’ve enjoyed working with ‘The Messiah’ Brandon Thomas As a Wrestler, I’ve enjoyed working with Jenna.
6. Is wrestling a long term goal for the future?
I’m always learning new things, and with this job, you’re learning new things all the time and that is something I look forward too. So, yes, wrestling is a long term goal. I love it.
7. Who on the UK scene do you admire?
Anyone that has a full time job outside of wrestling, but still keeps up with their fitness training and wrestling training, because that is dedication and that is what I admire
8. What promotions would you love to be apart of on the UK scene?
I very much enjoy the shows of Insane Championship Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, Southside Wrestling and Progress Wrestling, all promotions provide such fantastic shows, and one day I would like to be a part of them.
9. Do you watch a lot of wrestling in your free time?
When I get the chance I try and catch up with WWE as much as I can, but I am always watching their PPV’s.
10. What is your biggest achievement so far in wrestling?
I wrestled for Pro Wrestling 4 U on their December show ’13, against Jenna, and it was the first time I had wrestled since training with Stixx at House Of Pain, I’ve gained a lot from training there and that is definitely my biggest achievement.
 A big thanks to Violet for doing this 10 question interview with me, you guys can keep in touch with her goings on over on Twitter @VioletVendetta

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