10 Questions With … Darin Corbin (@DarinCorbin) By Craig Jarrett

1. How did you first break into professional wrestling?
I started training at a place called MPW. I had a buddy in college who did a senior report on it for a business class. He knew I was a huge wrestling fan so he told me to check it out. There, I met Arik Cannon and he has been the guy to get my foot in the door. Cannon was able to help me get my start in a lot of promotions.
2. Do you remember your first match? 
Yes I do. It was against Ryan Cruz. At the old MPW building. I was super nervous. I was only 19 years old, 160 pounds, and came out with my brother Aaron and danced the worst dance moves ever. Guess I’ve never been afraid to be a dork.
3. Who has been your favorite wrestler to work with?
It was a pleasure to wrestle Jerry Lynn and Tommy Dreamer, two guys that I used to watch growing up who I always thought were tremendously talented, to get the opportunity to step in the ring with them was a great learning experience and the matches helped get me exposure and stand out, so both of them were very memorable in my career.
4. Who would you like to work with in the future?
That’s a long list. But I really want to have a match with Kikitaro.
5. Which has been your favorite promotion to work for?
Hey now! I don’t want to play favorites. So here’s a list of promotions that you should check out. Cause they all make me enjoy wrestling.
Mondo Lucha– you wanna see how wrestling can be fun, crazy, goofy, and a throwback all at the same time. This was the promotion I was meant to be a part of.
Saint Louis Anarchy– As their Moral Savior, I was given a chance to prove myself. And these guys let me have the ball. I will always appreciate that. Thank you for seeing me as guy to build around…and not just a tag wrestler.
West Coast Wrestling Connection– they may have taken the biggest risk on a guy like me. At 23 they saw something in me, and those opportunities that they provided me and the things I’ve learned and continue to learn about wrestling have helped me greatly. I am a better wrestler cause of them. Thank you for taking a chance.
Heavy On Wrestling– They asked, “Why doesn’t anybody see you as a star?” And they gave me a chance to prove I could. They back me when other companies won’t. Good to know you have somebody who wants to be different. Northern Outlaw Wrestling – 5 years I’ve made this place a home base. It’s like a family. And hopefully I can help them build to the potential they want to reach. I love being a part of the ride.
Chikara– I have had so many dream moments in this promotion and many of those dreams are dreams that I never knew I could dream. Thank you. It was an extended wrestling family that gave me exposure and showed me that wrestling could be more than black and white. Probably gave me the biggest moment of my career too.
6. Which promotion would you love to work for in the future?
I wanna work for places that love characters, personalities, and fun. I am not really a big serious guy. I take what I do seriously, but I want to show I am having fun in there. So if you want to do something different I’m your guy.
7. Due to your many tag team championship victories, do you see yourself as more of a tag team wrestler?
I definitely used to. I thought I naturally had a mind for it. But one promoter said I was, “a tag wrestler, not a singles star” and I thought, “how do you know? You never give me chance?” and I wanted to do something different. Since then, I’ve formed my own identity. So I would like to say, I’m cross-educated in both styles.
8. What has been your greatest achievement in your wrestling career so far? 
Slow motion with Great Sasuke. And when people say they hate that and it was the worst thing I’ve done or the worst thing in wrestling, I say lighten up and take your self loathing and keep it to yourself. It was fun. Entertaining. And you would want to do it if you could. But you can’t. Suck it.
9.  Has professional wrestling allowed you to go to some great places that you wouldn’t go normally?
I have been to some great places that I’ve always wanted to go. And some that I didn’t know existed. For better or worse, the journey is always a story. I love it.
10. Are you familiar at all with the UK wrestling scene and its wrestlers?
Not at all, kidding. I went to the UK in 2011. Absolutely had a blast and loved it. Met a lot of people who took great care of me and were willing to help me along the way. The shows were a blast and I learned a great deal from there. One of my favorite experiences of my whole career. I want to go back.
 Thank you to Darin and if any UK promoters want to bring this guy back to the UK then you can follow him on Twitter @DarinCorbin

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