10 Questions With… Violet O’Hara (@Lil_MissViolet) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With... Violet O'Hara (@Lil_MissViolet)

1. Who influenced you to become a wrestler?

Nobody really influenced me in the beginning so to speak it just happened after finishing drama school when my plans were forced to be altered but for every cloud and that. I originally wanted to be an stunt double for children but couldn’t afford the funding at the time unfortunately, while looking for work I was sent a message from a local promoter for a backstage interviewer and ended up taking part in a training session and I guess it started from there while training I was invited down to WAW and that when I met the legendary Knight family shortly after, a few months after this I was booked for a match at a rock and wrestle festival. When I got there the match had changed and my opponent was none other than Britani Knight (NXT’s women’s champion ‘The Anti-Diva’ Paige) this was a major kick up the backside, a real turning point that showed me how much I wanted to wrestle. So my influences have to be the Knight family without their guidance I wouldn’t be on the scene today.

2. Who if anybody would you say you model yourself against?

If any, it has to be a combination of Layla and AJ lee.

3. What are your thoughts on the women’s scene as a whole in the UK?

The women’s scene in the UK has it’s positives and negatives but one thing I do have to say is it improving slowly granted but things have to start somewhere right? And I hope this the case, at the moment its growing considerably there is a influx of new faces coming through, attitudes are evolving there are a lot of great companies out there paving the way for female wrestling such as Bellatrix and Fierce Females, newer companies that are giving female wrestlers more opportunities like British Bombshells and LCW Roses, some companies are even now including more women’s matches on their cards which is great.

4. Do you think women’s wrestling gets taken more seriously now than it once did?

You can’t please everyone. It still has a way to go but yes I definitely think women’s wrestling is starting to get taken more seriously and more and more girls are wanting to prove the stereotype wrong, it’s called evolving, time will tell with girls attitudes improving so will the quality of wrestling.

5. Which women’s promotion is your favorite to watch and is somewhere you would love to work?

That’s such a hard one I love watching wrestling full stop mens and women’s, there are loads of promotions where I would absolutely love to work such as IPW, Progress, PCW, NGW, All Star then the women only promotions Fierce Females, Shine, Shimmer and some of the Japanese promotions like Stardom, SENDAI Girls and even Ice Ribbon. My favourite women’s promotion to watch currently is a toss up between Shimmer and Stardom.

6. Which female wrestler would you love to work against, past or present?

Again another hard question I have a list, seriously of who I would love to work against some could actually happen you never know and others are just a pipe dream but I would love to work against the likes of Carmel, Miss Mina, Kasey Owens, Liberty and even go up against some of the newer faces, but the main person I would love to face would be Paige aka Britani Knight as I would love to see how far I’ve come since that first match.

7. Do you feel that women vs male wrestling matches should be taken more seriously?

I would say depends on the context of the match as often enough when I watch women vs men matches it’s for comedy value or have a strong comedy basis which isn’t a bad thing but sometimes it would be nice to see storyline involvement or a pay off rather than having a match for the sake of it which you sometimes tend to see on smaller shows.

8. Which female wrestler have you most enjoyed working with?

So far the female wrestler I have enjoyed working with the most by far has been Sweet Saraya, its been such a learning curve every time I have worked with her I seem to step up a level, I constantly have to up my game every time I get the opportunity to work with her I learn something different but I still get nervous when I see my name against hers lol. Shes equally as formidable as she is great but a close second would be Skarlett as I’ve had one my best matches to date with her (at Bellatrix 4) they have both brought out the tougher side of me and for that I have to thank them.

9. Would you rather be a Knockout or a Diva?

I Would have to say I’d rather be a Diva all the way.

10. Do you think the UK wrestling could ever take fans away from the US scene?

Fans of wrestling will always have their own preference when it comes to wrestling whether its Mexican, Japanese, British or American each brings something different to the scene so no it will never “take fans away” but hopefully the UK scene will broaden viewing options and see what we have to offer arguably there are some really great companies out there within the UK and some talented wrestlers that fans deserve to see and discover this year. The UK scene will always have its own place in people’s hearts from fans who saw the holiday camps and family shows as children or those who attend with their own, the older generation who remember the World Of Sport days and there’s those who follow the current product too.

Thank you to Violet for taking time out to do this interview with me and I wish her all the best for her ventures out on the UK women’s scene in 2014 and hopefully she can get to work for Shimmer and Stardom at some point too. You can go follow her over on Twitter @Lil_MissViolet


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