10 Questions With … Liam Lazarus (@Liam_LZRS)


1. Hi Liam, first off were you a fan growing up, if so, who were your favourites?

It’s a cliched answer but I’ve been a huge fan since forever. I’ve got very fond memories of sitting in front of the TV on a Saturday morning, watching Smackdown and Afterburn on SKY 1. I was a big Rock fan, he just popped out of the screen and grabbed your attention. I loved an underdog as well. I bought the Smackdown games every year and in the season mode I’d pick the like likes of Hurricane or Shelton Benjamin. Going on a        journey from the bottom to the top was always a great experience and it’s something that I look to replicate in my own wrestling.

2. When did you get into the business yourself and where, when & who with was your training?

I started training in August 2011 at UKW in Wakefield, it was no Hart Dungeon but you get out what you put in. I was skinny, floppy haired 17 year old when I started, now I’m a slightly less skinny and floppy haired 20 year old, but I’m a much better wrestler and I wouldn’t have that without UKW.

3. After your training and you got out onto shows, who if anyone, took you under their wing and gave you advice and are there people out there who are willing to share knowledge?

The first person to really look after me was Danny Steel. This was while I was still training to be honest, I still am. Danny is a quality guy and always gives sound, honest advice. He shared a lot of the knowledge that I needed at that time to go from a ‘kid in a ring’ to a ‘wrestler in a ring’. Another person who is great at teaching is El Ligero, he’s helped a hell of a lot and is always happy to give advice. The NGW academy is probably the best place to train in the north and has one of the best wrestlers in
the UK as a trainer, it’s the place to be really.

4. I first heard your name from the recent TIDAL Wrestling tour but let us know, where have you wrestled in your career beforehand?

For the most part I’ve been wrestling in and around Yorkshire. Most noticeably I been on both of NGW’s Keighley show, Ambition and Eternal Glory, and I’ve been involved in their Proving Ground shows. NGW is a top quality promotion with great people surrounding it. Other promotions where I’ve featured on a regular basis are GBW, where I’m currently their champion and UKW,somewhere which has always been good to me. In total, I’ve probably wrestled for about 10 or so different promotions over the past couple of years.

5. On that TIDAL tour you wrestled Dave Mastiff in Leeds and when I watched it on DVD (buy it from tcwrestling.bigcartel.com) I tweeted how I thought you more than held your own in that match, tell us what was it like that night being at that show and the match itself?

It’s funny actually, the week before I was planning on going to the show to watch but I ended up being put down to work so couldn’t go. Then the day before the show I was asked if I was available to wrestle on it. I’ve never rung up work so fast in my life. Thankfully shifts were altered and I could wrestle. I’ve got to thank El Ligero for this as well, he was the one that put my name forward and organised it, I owe a lot of my progress to him.

Being there on the night was a bit surreal really. The last time I was at the Cockpit was 2009 and I saw Elliot Minor, who were this weird rock band for girls, so there’s a bit of a difference. I won’t lie, I felt a bit out of my depth sat in that changing room. As you can see from the card, its pretty much an offering of the best on the UK scene, three top imports from the US, and me.

A small fish in a big sea of talent. I’m still growing though and hopefully soon enough I’ll be among that level of ability. The match itself was brilliant from my point of view. Mastiff was excellent to work with and just a ring General. I’d happily do it again, minus the chops. Honestly I’m just glad the match went well and people seemed to enjoy it on the night and are enjoying it now on DVD. I should get powerbombed multiple times more often.

6. Of current wrestling, do you watch the indy promotions either in the US or UK and if so, give us some of your thoughts  please?

I try to keep up with wrestling all over the world. I’m a big fan of PWG over in the US, who are probably the best promotion going in terms of that US indy style. I think to pull off a show full of that style, you’ve got to have the crowd for it, and PWG definitely have that crowd. I try and watch as much of the UK stuff as I can find really. More so from a wrestler’s point of view. I want to know what other wrestlers are doing, what crowds are reacting to and what’s missing. I need to be doing something unique. So watching the product helps me make sure that I’m not stealing anyone’s stuff. The UK scene is getting so much bigger and better though. It really annoys me that we, as a country, aren’t more of a world presence. There are multiple promotions in this country who deserve the attention that some lesser US promotions get.

7. Back to yourself, who have you most enjoyed working with so far in your young career?

I got the chance to wrestle Kris Travis in December 2012 which was a great learning experience. Travis is someone I look up to in the wrestling world and who’s ring work is easily one of the best in the UK. Also, I wrestled Valkabious a number of times at the beginning of last year and those matches were always fun. A personal favourite match of mine was a ‘loser gets pied’ match against a guy called Karl Radunovic, who’s a commentator at UKW. Now that sounds awful but it was the climax to a feud we’d had and it just came together really well. I’ve got to give a shout out to Dan James as well, I travel a lot with him and the singles matches we have are always a blast. He’s very underrated in my opinion.

8. Here in the UK we have some of the very best wrestlers in Europe if not further afield so who would you like to work with in the future?

Honestly, anyone. Bit of a cop-out answer, but as long as I’m wrestling in some form I’m happy. Obviously I’d love to work with  Travis again. I also got the chance to wrestle Rampage Brown in a six man tag but I’d like to do that as a singles. Really, it’d be great to get the opportunity to wrestle the more well known UK names, and in turn make myself a bit of a name. Hopefully Tidal is somewhere that I can showcase myself on that scale over the course of this year.

9. As a young wrestler yourself, what advice would you have to any aspiring wrestler out there?

Forget training, blag you way onto shows and buy some boxing shoes from sports direct. You’ll be over in no time! Honestly, If it’s really something you want to do, train hard and train often. The only way to get better is by not only training but training with the best. It’s why I travel to Hull from Leeds every week. Its why I went through good 8 month period in 2012 of training 3 or 4

times a week. Its worth the effort in the long run. And listen to people, especially the guys with experience. It might not make sense at the time but somewhere down the line it might just click, and you’ll be thankful that you sat and listened to Prince Ameen tell you about the time that he wrestled Kid Kash, legit.

10. So in closing Liam, what are the targets of Liam Lazarus, is working the UK indy scene enough for you or do you aspire to travel to the US for their indy groups, travel to Japan or like the majority of wrestlers, is it your dream to head over to the WWE?

I’ve said this to my girlfriend, that if someone from the WWE knocked on my door and said ‘get in the car, we’re off to Florida’, I’d ring her in the car to the airport. But I’m realistic about this stuff, its extremely unlikely that I’ll get to the WWE. For the moment, my goal is to get that name for myself in the UK, which I think is very do-able. I’ve come pretty far in a short space of time, so its definitely achievable. I’d love to go to the US and Japan to wrestle, no doubt but for the moment they are future goals. The goals for this year are just to be bigger and better than I was last year. Thought I’d end with a cliched answer to round this interview off with.


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