10 Questions With… RJ Singh (@BollywoodSingh) By Craig Jarrett

1. Was wrestling something that you always wanted to be involved in?
Absolutely, ever since I was little I loved wrestling. Looking back, my biggest regret may be not getting into it until I was 20. I look at alot of todays wrestlers who are coming up from about 17 onwards and am jealous that they have many years ahead of them.
2. Is wrestling a full time position for you at the moment?
No and it never has been. I started wrestling at the same time I became a fully qualified teacher and I have done the two side by side for the past 12 years.
3. What achievements in wrestling are you most proud of so far?
Wrestling at the Coventry Skydome for FWA back in 2005 was pretty amazing. At the time it was the biggest crowd I had wrestled in front of. I also loved performing at the Download festivals for Lucha Britannia. The crowds were amaizng and we got to hang out with musicians and TV personalities.
4. Where do you hope wrestling can take you in the future?
Well my future may be limited as I plan to take a hiatus from wrestling at the end of this year. After that..who knows?
5. Who has been your most favourite person to work with so far?
Probably between, Rockstar Spud, El Ligero and Stixx. I have worked these guys extensively over the years and we all broke into wrestling about the same time. I think they bring out the best in me and I would love to wrestle any one of them before the year is out.
6. Who do you see on the UK scene that deserves more exposure?
There are so many I could name! Well certainly my tag partner Darrell Allen who i think could be a real breakout star very soon. Also Matt Myers would make a great impression down south.
7. Who would you love to work with in the future?
Definitely too many to mention but I know on my list would be; Matt Myers, Zac Gibson, CJ Banks, Joey Hayes, Noam Dar, Lionheart, Dave Mastiff, Mikey Whiplash and Tommy End. All guys I have never wrestled one on one.
8. What is your overall opinion of the current state of British wrestling?
I think it is very exciting, there are some great promotions putting on some fantastic wrestling. Any one training to be a wrestler can find themselves part of something really special if they are willing to put the hard work in.
9. Which UK promotion would you love to be apart of?
Without sounding arrogant, I am a regular in many of the UKs top promotions at the moment; Progress Wrestling, Southside, FPW, Lucha Britannia to name just a few. I would like a return trip to some of the Northern promotions before I hang up my boots.
10. Who would you consider to be the total package on the UK circuit?
Sha Samuels without a doubt. There is a reason he was Rev- Pro, IPW-UK and 4FW champion through most of 2013. He just has it all and have brilliant matches with just about anyone.
 A big thank you to RJ and I wish him all the best for whatever 2014 has in store for him and whatever he has in store for it. You can follow him over on Twitter, @BollywoodSingh

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