10 Questions With Josh Alden (@alden90) By Craig Jarrett

1. Which wrestler did you watch that turned you into a fan and made you want to become one yourself?
The two guys who stand out for me who got me hooked on wrestling from a very young age were Shawn Micheals and Steve Austin. I remember first seeing Micheals in the 1994 Royal Rumble which is one of the first videos I remember watching when I was 4 or 5. Austin was my favourite during the whole attitude era and when he and Micheals battled it out at mania 14 I was beyond excited! Although I was gutted when Micheals went into retirement afterwards.
2. How did you set about becoming involved in wrestling?
I suppose I always wanted to be involved with wrestling but never really thought or knew if I could. I decided to message El Ligero online and asked where I could train nearby Leeds. He suggested UKW in Wakefield as they had guys like Rampage Brown, Kris Travis and MVK Valkabious as the trainers. I wasn’t driving at the time so my Grandad gave me a lift through to Wakefield before I was shown the ropes by Val. I started training with Paul Clarke at Grapple Wrestling in Leeds from Summer last year, round about a year after I first began training in Wakefield. I started wrestling on the Grapple shows shortly after. I have learned a lot from Paul and over the past 6 months especially, I have gained a lot more confidence in my abilities.
3. How tough has it been for you so far to get your name out there?
I can’t really comment on how tough it has been making a name for myself because I have only been training for short of two years but I am starting to get my foot in the door for more promotions.
4. What promotions have you worked for so far?
UKW, Grapple Wrestling and there are a few promotions that I will be debuting for in the next couple of months.
5. Were you nervous about your debut match? 
My debut was for UKW on one of their Academy shows, I was touching cloth big time. My first match was after about three months of training which I even knew at the time was far too soon to be performing in front of a live audience. The match was pretty awful ha.
6. Who have you enjoyed working with so far either teaming with or being against?
My favourite opponent so far has been Adam Darke who used to wrestle under the name of Catch Evans. I faced Adam during Grapple’s final show of 2013. Adam has a decade of experience and it really showed during our match. I want to keep pushing my self and gaining experience by working with guys similar to Adam.
7. Do you have long term goals for yourself in wrestling or is it something that you want to do in your spare time?
I would like to see how far I can go with it, I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t want to do it as a full time job but it is very rare for any workers in the UK to be doing this as their main source of income. My lifestyle and my physique have changed a lot since I started wrestling. Before I trained I was really skinny. I quit smoking, don’t drink very often anymore, started hitting the gym and sorted my diet out. Since I got involved with wrestling I have put on two stone in weight and feel a lot better about myself.
8. Do you watch a lot of UK wrestling, if so which promotions and wrestlers do you enjoy watching?
I keep up to date with a lot of it online and catch little bits here and there. The last UK show which I saw live was the Tidal Wrestling Tour at The Cockpit in Leeds. They used some of the top British guys and some US Imports but in all honesty I thought that our guys outshone the majority of the US dudes. It was a great atmosphere, hard hitting and fast paced from start to finish and gave me a good insight as to what kind of level I need to be at to do this at a high level.
9. Which wrestler on the independent scene would you most like to work with?
I would really like to have a match with an up and coming Yorkshire lad like myself, Liam Lazarus. Liam was at the UKW Academy when I first started and he was really helpful and a sound guy. Liam has started to make a name for himself since he has been training with NGW and definitely is one to watch in 2014. I would jump at the chance to get in the ring with guys like El Ligero, Kris Travis, Mark Haskins, Marty Scurll, the list goes on and on.
10. What promotions are you looking to work for in 2014?
Over the next few months I will be debuting for GWA (Grimsby Wrestling Academy) and UWE Megaslam Wrestling aswell as continuing to do shows with Grapple Wrestling. There are some other promotions also which I have been in talks with so watch this space!
Thank you to Josh who would like you to like his Facebook page here 
facebook.com/OfficialAlden and you can also follow him on Twitter @alden90
Good luck to Josh in his debuts for GWA and UWE as well as his continued work for Grapple.

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