10 Questions With … Billy Kirkwood (@BillyKirkwood) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With ... Billy Kirkwood (@BillyKirkwood)

Thanks to David J Wilson for the picture

1. Growing up were you a big wrestling fan?

Yes massive, I’am a lifer in that respect. Started watching wrestling when I was in single figures and as I’ve grown so have my tastes with it. It’s part human action movie, part sports, part music concert, part drama, nothing else really matches it. Hell I even wrote my dissertation all about pro-wrestling in uni.

2. Was being involved with wrestling something you always wanted to?

Yes and no. Yes because like everything it would be great to apart of something you love, no because I sure as hell knew it wasn’t going to be inside the ring, so what could I offer? Thankfully by the time the chance came around I had developed skills in my time working in “Show business” as a comic & actor and along with a long term love and respect I was able to give something back as fan. ICW took a chance and I am very grateful and here for the long haul if they’ll have me.

3. Did you ever want to be a wrestler?

We all dream of winning the World Title but no. I have far too much respect for what these talented Men and Woman do in ring to know I could never. I’m a talker, not a fighter.

4. Is there a lot of difference between pro wrestling and stand up comedy?

You know there are some parrels that would blow your mind. Getting experience, building up your skill set, how there is bad guys & good guys, comics & wrestlers, persona’s, how you put a set together, how you put a match together, when you want to use props, when you want a big reaction, when you want to bring it down, the sacrifice, the endless road miles, the good times and the bad, yeah plenty I think. But I would never even dare compare. I just talk shit for a living these guys have to live this 24/7 and put there lives on the line, wrestlers are simply incredible.

5. What do you think you bring to ICW as the colour commentator?

A lot of enthusiasm, lets make no bones about it. I’m a fan. I love wrestling and well as I said I’ve got the ability to talk and communicate being a pro-stand up for 9 years and you learn a lot in the time, I hope I can help add that little element to the folks that choose to watch it on a TV screen. Sometimes not telling you not what is happening but why. Help tell that different element to the story the wrestlers are trying to tell in the ring. If I can, great. But I follow their lead, just humbled to be allowed to play my part.

6. When did you first start working for ICW?

Over three years ago now. First up I was a big ICW fan before I joined the company. I’m good mates with Neil “The Wee Man” Bratchpiece as we gigged together all over Scotland and he knows what a massive fan and wrestling snob I was, we were actually doing a wrestling radio show at the time. He asked me to come in last minute and be a guest ring announcer for the night and I jumped at it when the original choice backed out. I got in the ring, got on the mic and well I think it went well. Then Mark Dallas kept asking me back, again and again and when the DVD, IPPV and YouTube show got relaunched Dallas asked me if I’d like to do colour and I was like “FUCKING YES!!” my dream job. All those thousands of hours of gigging, and developing this motor mouth and thousands of hours of watching pro wrestling had finally paid off, yeah FUCK YOU DAD!

7. How has ICW changed since you started working for them?

You know it’s wonderful the company has just developed so much on every level, the in ring product has always been superb but especially in the last two years it has been off the chain. Everything has got better, from backstage, the crew, the talent, the ring announcer, the stories, just better and better but one thing that has never changed, those fans. Just simply the best, always.

8. What means more to you, wrestling or comedy?

Can’t answer that really that’s like picking between your kids! I think my love of spectacle and desire to entertain I perhaps got from watching wrestling made me chase my dream of being a comic, and in turn years later comedy wouldn’t bring me back into wrestling, so I think they both share a lot of space in my heart.

9. Do you make a living in wrestling and comedy or do you have a “regular” job?

Stand up comedy is my full time job and a very time consuming one.

10. Do you watch a lot of wrestling on the UK scene?

I do my best with the British scene but to be honest I pretty much just watch any wrestling.

On the UK as well as ICW I enjoy SWA, PBW, Pro Wrestling Elite and beyond our borders PCW, Future Shock and of course my boy Jim Smallman’s company Progress.

Thank you very much to Billy and may he continue to make me piss my pants laughing for years to come. Follow him over on Twitter, @billykirkwood


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