10 Questions With…. Lizzy Styles (@LizzyStyles8) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With.... Lizzy Styles (@LizzyStyles8) By Craig Jarrett

1. When did you become a fan of wrestling?

I became a fan when I was about five years old, I’d never took any interest in it then though I just thought it was something fun to watch and the older I got the more I realised how much I loved it.

2. When did you decide to become a wrestler?

I was about 10 when I said to my parents that I wanted to wrestle, but I was still young so I couldn’t of started and I didn’t have anywhere to train at that time, so I had to wait a couple years, but I was about 10 when I realised I wanted to become a wrestler.

3. How did you go about becoming a wrestler?

It was really unusual actually, I was camping at an arena for tickets to watch WWE live, and there was a girl who wrestled there, she gave me leaflets to try it out and I couldn’t believe it to be honest, it had took me about four years to find a training school and then start, that’s how it all came about for me.

4. How long have you been wrestling now?

I’ve been wrestling for nearly two years now.

5. What opportunities has wrestling given you so far?

Wrestling’s given me lots of opportunities, I’ve got to meet lovely people, and go different places to watch and learnt some new stuff also, its even better because its something I’ve always wanted to do and now that I do it that’s just a great opportunity alone.

6. Who have you enjoyed working with the most so far?

To be fair I’ve not wrestled for a lot of company’s, I mainly wrestle for RWA, and wrestle for CPW, I’ve enjoyed wrestling Nadia Sapphire, it was a pleasure to work with Nadia, I also love wrestling Tigerlillies too, I enjoy all my matches I have with Tigerlillies.

7. What promotions have you been able to be a part of so far?

RWA, and CPW, Coventry Pro Wrestling was my first outside booking, and it was really good to wrestle somewhere new with a different crowd also, even though they didn’t really know me they still made me feel welcome to wrestle there, and RWA is where I wrestle and train, so its always really good to wrestle there.

8. Do you watch a lot of women’s wrestling promotions?

Yes I do! Indeed, I love watching other woman promotions wrestling, I learn from watching stuff like that, any free time I have I do watch a lot of it, most woman on the UK scene now are really impressive, and I think its great to watch them and learn from it when your not experienced as much as they are, yeah I really love watching other woman wrestling promotions.

9. Which female wrestler on the indy scene would you love to wrestle?

Oh wow that’s hard, I don’t know there’s a few! I can’t really choose, to me any of them would be great just to wrestle one of them, it wouldn’t really matter which one, but I can’t really pick which one I’d love to wrestle most any of them would be a pleasure!

10. Who is your all time favourite female wrestler?

This is really easy for me, Trish Stratus, she was the main reason I wanted to be a female wrestler, she really inspired me the most, I really liked watching Chyna as well! And Beth Phoenix, they both made female wrestling not look any different to male wrestling, some people would say that female wrestling isn’t the same as male wrestling but that’s not right because anyone can wrestle, its just males are more dominate maybe? But yeah Trish Stratus is my all time favourite and then Chyna!

Thank you to Lizzy for taking time out to do this interview with me, I hope 2014 is a successful for her. You guys can all follow her over on Twitter, @lizzystyles8


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