10 Questions With Joe Gacy (@JoeGacy) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With Joe Gacy (@JoeGacy) By Craig Jarrett

1. When did you become a fan of wrestling?

Well I was always a wrestling fan since I can remember. I have an older brother that I guess got me into it at a young age. The first thing I can remember was being a big Shawn Michaels fan when I was young.

2. Who do you watch that inspired you to want to become a wrestler?

The one man that inspired me to want to be a wrestler was Mick Foley. The moment Mankind debuted for WWE I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

3. Where did you go to learn to be a wrestler?

Well I originally trained at the Combat Zone Wrestling Academy under Jon Dahmer, Zandig and DJ Hyde. The first school I attended was in Blackwood NJ.

4. Who helped you a lot when you were training to be a wrestler?

The people that really helped me when I was training was mainly Jon Dahmer, DJ Hyde and Joker. They helped me a lot at training. Getting in the ring and showing me things. The first guy to help me out as far as look out for me when I was young to the business was a guy named Brain Damage. Unfortunately he recently passed away and will be greatly missed.

5. When did you make your in ring debut?

My in ring debut was September of 2007 at a CZW event called Down With The Sickness. It was a tribute show to a former CZW wrestler that passed away named Chris Cash. My debut match was in a three way with Alex Colon and LJ Cruz.

6. What promotions have you managed to work for so far?

Well I have been fortunate enough to have worked for a lot of companies. The major ones I have worked for are Combat Zone Wrestling, Jersey All Pro, Ground Breaking Wrestling, Xcite Pro Wrestling, C4 I’m Canada, Magnum Pro Wrestling, NWA Force One and countless other great companies.

7. Who has been your most favourite person to work with in the ring?

I have had a lot of guys I like to work with. I’d have to say my favorite has got to be Adam Cole. Me and Adam have known each other since he broke in to the business and to be able to do a match with him when him and I have grown so much over the years is a great pleasure. We have had a few matches together but I always look forward to more.

8. Who would you love to work with on the indy scene in the future?

There is so much great talent right now it is really difficult to pick one, but I’d love to work with Delirious, Homicide or Monsta Mack just to name a few.

9. What are your thoughts on the indy scene right now?

Right now the Indy scene is really hot. A lot of casual fans are opening their minds to the Indy scene with all the new talent in WWE people are wondering where these guys are coming from so I think its getting more attention now then ever.

10. Are you at all familiar with the UK wrestling scene and/or its wrestlers?

I do know a bit about the UK scene. Its always been a goal of mine to work in the UK I am a big fan of the style there and would hope and love to work there someday.

Thank you to Joe for taking time out to answer these questions and I wish him all the best for the future, you can follow him on Twitter @JoeGacy and me @Craig_Jarrett


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