10 Questions With… Chris Taylor (@Son_Of_Fun_CT) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With... Chris Taylor (@Son_Of_Fun_CT) By Craig Jarrett

1. When did you first become interested in professional wrestling?

I’m not entirely sure how old I was. Very young though. I’ve got an brother 5 years older than me and my first memories of wrestling were watching the WWF on video probably around 1991. It was older stuff we watched though because I remember watching Wrestlemania 2 with him!

2. Which wrestler did you watch that inspired you to become one yourself?

This probably sounds crazy but it was actually a few British wrestlers! I’d always been a fan and went to a show one evening in Halifax (my home town) and seeing guys like Bubba The Butcher Morris, Valkabious, Caleb Crow. They inspired me to give it a try.

3. At watch age did you start to train to become a wrestler?

I started at 23 years old. I’d considered trying it from about 20 years old but was kinda worried to try it out. I asked loads of friends to come try it with me. None of them would. At 23 after realising that nobody would join me in trying wrestling I bit the bullet and traveled to UK Wrestling to train on my own.

4. Were you nervous when you made your debut?

I was a little. But having done stand up comedy for a couple of years before wrestling I was familiar with performing to an audience. Any nerves I did have were steadied pretty well by the support of Brett Bell (my first opponent) and Jon Sedgewick who had faith in me.

5. Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

So far I’ve not had to wrestle anyone who has been difficult. Basically everyone has been great to work with. But my personal favorite’s that I’ve wrestled are Definetly Bubba The Butcher Morris and Disco Wes.

6. Which wrestler on the UK scene would you most like to work with and why?

This is a tough one! There’s so many fantastic UK wrestlers out their. I think I’d choose Marty Scurll. I think the guy has it just right! Great wrestler and always works well with the crowd.

7. What is your long term goal in wrestling?

You know I’d love to sign for a big American company and work somewhere like WWE, TNA, ROH etc. But that’s everyone’s dream I think. On the realistic side of just like to be wrestling as much as I can hopefully get to wrestle in some of the bigger UK promotions.

8. Which promotion in the UK would you most like to work for?

Again this is a tough one. I love Tidal Wrestling who are new but Definitely going places, NGW are a big one that do well, Southside Wrestling put on a fantastic show too. But for me, at this moment in time it would have to be PCW. I love that they have a good blend of imports on the show and the best of British wrestlers. It would be impossible for me to walk into their changing room and not learn a lot with the incredible talent they put on shows.

9. What do you think the UK scene is lacking behind why it isn’t as big as the US scene is over here?

I’m not so sure to be honest. Over the last few years I’ve thought many things have held back British wrestling in comparison to the American product but right now I’m not sure. Most of the things I thought were holding Britain back like a lack of mixture of imports and British talent, not enough money being put into the production value of a company all seem to have been covered by various British companies over the years. I’ve seen a few live British wrestling shows that I’ve enjoyed as much as love WWE shows! So why it isn’t working I don’t really know.

10. What is your biggest achievement in your wrestling career to date?

Biggest achievement, I think has been making friends with some fantastic people and having the pleasure of wrestling in front of so many fantastic, passionate wrestling fans. Long may it continue!

Thank you to Chris for doing this interview me, I wish the guy all the best for the future on the Yorkshire wrestling scene and beyond. You can follow him on Twitter @Son_Of_Fun_CT


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