10 Questions With… Jack Turner (@BullyManJack) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With... Jack Turner (@BullyManJack) By Craig Jarrett

1. When did you become a wrestling fan?

Been a fan since I was probably 3 years old or something some of my first memories are being sat at home with my dad watching World Of Sport and ROH on The Wrestling Channel (when that was on).

2. Was becoming a wrestler a long term dream of yours?

Been a dream of mine since I first saw a wrestling match the roar of the crowd the intensity that the wrestlers had just amazed me.

3. How did you get involved with becoming a wrestler?

Basically my dad saw a poster of a show up the road we went I fell in love all over again with wrestling, found out they had a school and it began.

4. When did you make your in ring debut and how were you feeling?

Ooh erm was October-ish 2010 and I was bricking it in all honesty.

5. Is there a wrestler that you tried to model yourself against?

In all honesty Stan Hansen his sheer brutality when he threw the lariat just amazed me. And Rampage brown, since he trained me for a brief period with Prince Ameen. His ferocity and brutality in the ring is amazing to see since he trained I found the way I work in the ring and where and what I should focus in the ring.

6. Do you watch a lot of wrestling from the UK scene?

Not as much as I’d like but I’m busy man at the moment.

7. What do you think of the British wrestling scene?

I think that its sky rocketing with the amount of talent out there but also its circling the shitter with some short sighted idiots that see one show train for 20 minutes and think they are the dogs bollocks.

8. Who on the UK scene do you see as underrated?

There is a lot of underrated wrestlers in my eyes none spring to mind as a clear winner in how underrated they are but a couple of them are Danny Steel, Liam Lazarus, Dan James, JG Nash and Priscilla in my eyes they should be getting more bookings than they do at the minute.

9. What promotions have you worked for so far?

KGW, UKW, GBW 21CW and others but been a while since I was in the ring so company names aren’t too fresh in the mind.

10. What promotions would you love to be apart of in the future?

So many its insane there are just so many amazing companies have been sky rocketing in quality of wrestlers, matches and sheer entertainment.

Thank you to Jack for his time in doing this interview and I would like you all to follow and support this guy on Twitter @BullymanJack


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