10 Questions With Sam Knee By Craig Jarrett

Name: Sam Knee
Height: 6’2
Weight: 19st
Hometown: Takeley, UK

1. How did you come up with the gimmick that you currently wrestle with?

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of the occult I’m not a devil worshiper or anything but always been a fan of the imagery, originally I wanted the team to be called The Renegade Playboys but then I found out there was a band by that name, I remember going fuck it we’ll just call ourselves The Devils Playboys, which let’s face it works!

2. How long have you been involved in the wrestling business?

In the business I’ve been in 17 years on and off started wrestling for hammerlock in 1997 and screwed my knee up tearing my ACL which required surgery, then I done dome bitch jobs for the FWA in the time when it was shit hot 2002 -2004-ish time, from there I decided I wanted to start my own promotion Herts and Essex Wrestling in 2004 rest is history!

3. Was it a long term goal of yours to become a wrestler or was it a case of right place, right time?

Yes always wanted to be a wrestler ever since I was a kid.

4. What do you see as professional wrestling, the pure wrestling moves or the drama and entertainment?

Pro Wrestling to me is an ongoing movie which has many twists turns and reboots, having to keep it fresh is always an issue but iIve luckily always seemed to have my finger on the pulse, as much as I’am sure people will call me cocky for, well call me what you like it’s true lol.

5. What do you think of the current UK wrestling scene, does it have what it takes to be as big as the American and Asian scenes?

The current UK scene is growing at moment houses are up! Everyone seems to be doing good.

6. How much traveling on the UK wrestling scene have you done so far and do you hope to do a lot more?

I have traveled the UK many times, I do want to continue doing so but nowadays I’m a bit more picky where I go and where I don’t go.

7. Who do you consider to be the cream of the crop on the UK wrestling scene and is it only a matter of time before a promotion such as the WWE take note?

Cream of the crop, Hooligans, Aron Frost, Mark Haskins, Danny Blaze, Joey Ozbourne, Syd Parker, and Scott Fusion could all make it big. I know there are others out there but I’m talking about the scene I work on. There are many great workers in the UK from HEW, WAW, EWW, Wrestleforce and the girls in the UK are better than ever, the Brits could take over!

8. In your wrestling career thus far who have you most enjoyed working with in the ring either against or teaming up with?

I love wrestling against Roy and Zak Knight, Steve Corino, Bash, Scott Fusion, Danny Blaze, Joey Ozbourne. There is only one tag team partner I will ever want and that’s Brett Meadows, we are The Devils Playboys and no matter who says what, what BLATANT rip offs there are out there you will NEVER come close to being us!

9. Does wrestling give you much free time on your hands and what is it that you do when you are not in the ring?

In my free time I’m usually promoting the next show for HEW, busy busy these days!

10. What up coming bookings do you have that you would like to share?

Coming up-
HEW Cash in Hand on February 8th at Priors Green Community Hall, Takeley CM6 1GB
WAW Epic Encounters – March 1st Epic Studios, Norwich
HEW Living on A Prayer 10 (the ten year anniversary) March 22nd Braintree Leisure Centre.

Thank you to Sam for his time and as the guy said you can catch him at the three shows upcoming from February to March.

To suggest others for me to set ten questions to then follow and tweet me over on Twitter @Craig_Jarrett


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