10 Questions With … Sam Wilder (@SamWilder_1990) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With ... Sam Wilder (@SamWilder_1990) By Craig Jarrett

Name: Sam Wilder
Height: 6’1
Weight: 185lbs
Hometown: Sheffield
Twitter: @SamWilder_1990

1. When did you become a wrestling fan?

I first got into it as a kid, like the majority of fans did. However about 2002, I just completely stopped watching it. I didn’t get back into it until February 2011. I started to watch it again mainly because I was considering going to training with a friend, and didn’t want to be completely clueless. This is the main reason my knowledge of wrestling history isn’t exactly up to scratch.

2. Was becoming a wrestler a long term dream of yours?

To be honest, as I went so long without watching it, it kind of just faded into the background and I forgot wrestling existed altogether. It was mostly due to the nostalgia caused from discussing how much I loved it in the past that convinced me to take my first lesson. It wasn’t until I had a few training sessions, and started watching it again, that I realized how much of a taste I had for it. I then made it one of my main priorities and crammed as many sessions in as I could, and started more intense workouts and diets. It completely changed my lifestyle and has continued to do so to this day.

3. How did you get involved with becoming a wrestler?

I was in a band at the time and the lead singer of the group was still massively into wrestling. He talked about it at practice and shows, which made me remember how much I used to love it. He mentioned about going to a training session to see if he could get into it and I felt compelled to join him. My first session was with El Ligero, who I had obviously never heard of at the time, who gave me a short insight into the business and showed me how to land safely and so on. I saw what the advanced students were doing during this and it really sparked my interest. So I trained two to three times a week to try and advance as quick as I could. I loved every bit of it and decided I wanted to take it more seriously.

4. When did you make your in ring debut and how were you feeling?

My first show was on the 19th February 2012. It was a charity event in Cresswell for Callum Murray that Kris Travis had organized. I was involved in a Battle Royal and one of the final two. I was very nervous before the match started and just as much after, thinking of what people thought of me. Its still a feeling I get for every show, however not as intense.

5. Is there a wrestler that you tried to model yourself against?

Modeling on a single person is always something I’ve tried to avoid. I was taught from an early stage to try and be unique and bring something new to the table. I could easily pick my favorite Wrestlers in the states like Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit, but my biggest influences have come from the boys on the British scene. There’s so much more for me to appreciate in the innovative minds of the guys in the UK. I’m a big fan of multi-man matches, and when I started watching local shows, I really enjoyed watching guys like El Ligero, Kris Travis, Martin Kirby, Joey Hayes and Bubblegum in these situations. So I guess I could say I tried to adapt my style more towards that.

6. Do you watch a lot of wrestling from the UK scene?

It’s the only wrestling I actually do watch lately. It’s been over a year since I’ve watched any modern American wrestling, besides the odd PPV. I don’t find it as enjoyable as i used to. I go to a few shows around me when I have a free weekend, and to be honest, I’d much prefer this than sitting at home and watching anything from the states. When I’m on a show myself, I’ll always try my best to watch the rest of the matches on the card.

7. Do you think that wrestling will ever have another “big boom”?

It’s hard to say really. It’s a tough business, but you can’t say the effort isn’t there. Companies like NGW have been making a massive effort and have recently made it onto Challenge TV. I’ve trained with NGW since about November 2011, and seeing how much the company has improved and expanded gives me a lot of hope for the business.

8. Who on the UK scene do you think will be the next to make it the WWE or TNA?

I have no idea to be honest. You never know what kind of thing the big companies are looking for. It’s never just as simple as being a good wrestler. Sometimes they want character. Sometimes they want a body.

9. What promotions have you worked for so far?

I’ve had matches for NGW, ASW, GWA, NBWA, XWCA, HOPE, WuTECH, AWW, PWK, PPW and PEW. I’ve also done the odd Rumble for PCW and LCW.

10. What promotions would you love to be apart of in the future?

At the point I’m at now, I’m happy to be working at any promotion that offer good publicity and a way to spread my name around. However I’m a big fan of tag wrestling at the minute. I tag with Caz Crash as ‘The Proven’ at NGW and would really like to get more tag based opportunities for us with other companies.

Thank you Sam.

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