10 Questions With … Fred Flash (@FabFredFlash) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With ... Fred Flash (@FabFredFlash) By Craig Jarrett

Name: Fred Flash
Height: 5’9
Weight: 180lbs
Hometown: Pittsburgh, USA
Twitter: @fabfredflash

1. How long have you been a fan of wrestling?

Since I was 3 years old so that goes back to 1985.

2. Was becoming a wrestler a long term dream of yours?

Its all I ever wanted to do ever since I first watched it as a kid.

3. How did you get involved with becoming a wrestler?

I was trained at GroundBreaking Wrestling by Simon Rhyme and Eric Enders. After my debut I continued being trained at CZW by DJ Hyde.

4. Who helped you a lot when you started out?

So many to name! My trainers helping us get booked and honing our craft. The vets taking us along to shows and learning about being true professionals. The companies that took a chance on us especially Regional Championship Wrestling. I’ve been the US champion there longer than anyone else and I owe RCW so much for believing in me and trusting putting the machine behind me. My success goes with RCW were tied together.

5. When did you make your debut?

Sept 22nd 2007 GBW. vs MX.

6. Who have you enjoyed working with the most in your career so far?

From the first time we wrestled in training my greatest opponent has always been G Raver. We trained together we were a tag team anywhere we went it was G Raver vs Fred Flash. But I have say my my greatest tag team partner will always be Hayne. Hayne is not only my partner he’s my brother in law. With him and his sister Rizzo as our manager I got family watching my back at all times out there.

7. Who do you look forward to working with in the future?

I want to see how I fare against the best the world has to offer. I’m ready to get a passport and go global.

8. Where do you hope wrestling takes you?

As far as it can take me. I’d love to make it to WWE or TNA but I think I would feel just as satisfied in traveling the world and being known by the hardcore fans for my work. I’ve always been against the grain and I think I’m destined to carve my path on my own terms.

9. Who do you consider to be the best on the independent scene right now?

I see so many talented up-and-coming guys everywhere I go to a show. I think more people should check out the wrestling that is going on in Central PA. All the companies out there has solid talent and great matches every month. Every fed out there has guys that are really dedicated to being the best. If you are going to a show in York, Hanover, Gettysburg, Lancaster, Columbia,Denver or Reading Pa you will not be disappointed!

10. Are you familiar with the UK wrestling scene at all?

I can’t say I am but I’d love to get to know it personally somebody book me out there! Fred Flash will come to the UK!

Thank you Fred

You can follow me on Twitter @Craig_Jarrett


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