10 Questions With… Amazing Maria (@amazing_maria) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With... Amazing Maria (@amazing_maria) By Craig Jarrett

Name: Amazing Maria
Height: 5’7
Weight: 165lbs
Hometown: Dunnville, USA
Twitter: @amazing_maria
Instagram: amazing_maria

1. How did you make your start in wrestling?

I have always loved wrestling. But I started out in a small company that wasn’t very good. I had only been to 2 training sessions before they put me in my 1st match. It was terrible. I was there for about 6 months and I knew there ha to be better out there for me. There was a lot of chaos and turmoil in that company as well and it wasn’t the best place for me. I absolutely love wrestling so instead of giving up I went out and found another company willing to train me and help me with my career.

2. Which female wrestlers influenced you to become a wrestler?

Sheri Martel is one of my favorites. Everyone loves Miss Elizabeth of course. Except me! Lol she was always to nice for my taste. The Great Moolah, Mae Young, Killem Gilliam all had a hand in me becoming who I am.

3. Who have you enjoyed working with in the ring so far?

I’ve had a blast working with Mickie knuckles and Jesse belle smothers. Those girls will beat the life out of you and laugh every step of the way. I’ve also enjoyed working with crazy Mary Dobson whom I watched break in and am so proud of her. She has done so much in such a short time and truly living the dream. And I would have to say Aleida Ortiz has also been awesome to be in the ring with. I had never been thrown around like a rag doll until I met Aleida!

4. Who would you love to work with in the future?

There are so many ladies if love to get in the ring with. Heather Owens, Mary Elizabeth Monroe, Kasey Carlisle, Cameron Star just to name a few.

5. What promotions have you most enjoyed working for?

I have enjoyed working for prime time wrestling and united wrestling federation but I would have to say my absolute favorite that I have worked for so far is tn mountain wrestling out of Knoxville tn. I’ve for to meet and learn so much from some of the great pioneers in the business like cowboy Bob Orton Jr, Ronnie Garvin, Bunk House Buck, Jimmy Golden, Ron White, along with bullet Bob Armstrong and Steve Armstrong. There’s nothing better than sitting down and listening and learning from the likes of those men. Along with Tracy smothers and Dr Tom Prichard. And trust me if you don’t want someone’s honest opinion about how they thought you did in ring , don’t go around those guys because they will def tell you like it is!!! Lol.

6. What promotions would you love to work for in the future?

I’ve never been out of the United States but would love to. I would love to go to Mexico, Canada, Japan and the UK. I just want to get out and travel the world!

7. Are you familiar at all with the UK wrestling scene?

No I can’t say that I am familiar with it. I’ve seen a few matches but it’s def something I need to bring my knowledge level up on!

8. Are you familiar at all with any UK wrestlers?

No I know crazy Mary Dobson has wrestled in the UK and her matches looked wild! They do a lot of hardcore over there do they not!?

9. Where in the world would you love to wrestle?

My #1 place I’d love to wrestle would be in Canada. Home of the Hart Foundation. A lot of great wrestlers came out of that dungeon!

10. Where do you see your wrestling career in 5 years?

In 5 years I hope to have been in another country at least once. I’m a little older than most women who are wrestling right now lol but I hope to still be locking it up with anyone who wants to get in the ring with me!!

Thank you Maria

You can follow me on Twitter @Craig_Jarrett


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