10 Questions With… ‘Flyin’ Brad O’Brien (@BradObrien95) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With... 'Flyin' Brad O'Brien (@BradObrien95) By Craig Jarrett

Name: Flyin’ Brad O’Brien
Height: 5’8
Weight: 155lbs
Hometown: Stansted, UK
Twitter: @BradObrien95

1. When did you realize that wrestling was something that you wanted to become involved in?

Well I first watched wrestling when I was 4 years old and I fell in love with it automatically and I knew that some day I would step in to that ring.

2. How did you go about becoming a wrestler?

I began looking for training academies at age 10, but found that there were no academies at the time that were able to take anyone on under the age of 14, but I continued looking until I found one promotion who took me on for a short amount of time at the age of 13, but the promoter kept having personal problems. Luckily for me, there were local shows for Herts and Essex Wrestling that took place, so I approached the promoter and asked if there were any academies that he knew of (because I used to have short training sessions before each show) and that’s where I was told about WAW academy, so for my 15th Birthday weekend, I had my first WAW academy weekend and I haven’t missed one ever since.

3. Do you remember your first outing as a wrestler?

I do remember, I was 15 and I was placed in to a 4 corner elimination match with Kip Sabin, Rex Wylde and Bash, I was the first to be eliminated by the veteran Bash, but I put up a good fight for a little guy who was just 2 months in to the business.

4. Is there anybody out there that you give thanks to for getting to where you are now?

Wow, there are so many, I must say first of all, every member of the Knight family, Karl Krammer, Jason Cross, Sam Knee, Brett Meadows and everyone I have fought, because win, lose or draw, those matches have made me stronger and have allowed me to improve.

5. Who is/was your inspiration to do what you do?

Well as a child my influences were the Hardy Boys, I’ve always been influenced by international stars such as Kenta Kobashi, Jushin Liger and Taka Michinoku.

6. What do you think of the UK scene and its long term chances of competing with the worldwide scene?

I believe that the UK scene is developing at such a rapid pace in the last few years with promotions coming in to contact with studios and TV channels,along with British talent becoming known to companies such as WWE/TNA.
Especially companies such as WAW and Bellatrix who are showing today’s stars use a mixture between British wrestling and crossing over with other style to display matches that are unique that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

7. WWE and TNA aside, which overseas promotion would you love to wrestler for?

I would like to work for ROH, OVW, NWA in America, NJPW in Japan and AAA in Mexico, those are the ones abroad.

8. Again WWE and TNA aside, which overseas wrestlers would you love to work with in the ring?

I’d say Jushin Liger, Chuck Taylor and perhaps the Young Bucks.

9. Who on the UK scene do you think is the complete package?

The complete package, I’d have to say Roy and Zak Knight, they’ve taught me a lot of what I know and they are fantastic workers.

10. What is your proudest accomplishment in wrestling so far?

So far my greatest accomplishment would have to be winning my first championship at the age of 18, the WAW academy championship, also wrestling on Ricky Knight’s retirement show, ‘A Rowdy Farewell’.

Thank you Brad

You can all follow me on Twitter @Craig_Jarrett


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