10 Questions With…Scarlett Bordeaux (@Lady_Scarlett13) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With...Scarlett Bordeaux (@Lady_Scarlett13) By Craig Jarrett

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1. How long have you been a fan of professional wrestling?

I’ve been a fan since 2009 when I watched my first match.

2. How did you become involved with wrestling?

My friends were big fans of the independent scene and would talk about it often. So I went with them to my first show in May of 09 instead of going to my prom. I liked it instantly but I was always a theater girl. More of the type of person who wants to be on stage and not watch from the crowd. So I asked the promoter at AAW if I could help out at all, sell raffle tickets, set up chairs, just to get a feel for it and understand it more. In December of 2009 I got a call asking if I owned a sexy santa costume. At the next show I was told I’d be taking a piledriver. I said, “what’s a piledriver?” After taking the move, I was carried to the back, and some people in the locker room threw a bucket of snow on me and yelled,”WELCOME TO THE BUSINESS.” Yep.

3. Did you always want to be a wrestler?

When I first discovered wrestling I mostly wanted to manage. I just loved to entertain, but it didn’t take long at all to want to start training to wrestle. I wanted to be able to do everything.

4. How do you think peoples perception of women in wrestling has changed over the last few years?

I don’t think peoples perception of women in wrestling has changed much the past few years. Although there are so many amazing, talented athletes on the wrestling scene, the majority of the wrestling demographic is men. So I think the biggest attraction is going to be beautiful women, regardless if they’re good technical wrestlers or not. But then again, depends what promotion you’re watching. Basically, I don’t think it’ll ever hurt to put a chick with big tits on your poster. I’m probably going to regret writing that…oh well.

5. Which women’s wrestler do you enjoy watching?

I love different ones for different reason. I like Bull Nakano, Hamada, Kharma, I also Maryse, Gail Kim, I like Lita, there’s really too many to name.

6. Which promotions have you been apart of so far?

I’ve worked with AAW, Ring of Honor, Chikara, Combat Zone, Chicago Style Wrestling, Mondo Lucha, Northern Outlaw, Hybrid Pro, among others. I’m Chicago based, so a lot of Midwest promotions.

7. Which promotions would you love to be apart of in the future?

WWE or TNA at some point would be great.

8. Do you watch much wrestling in your spare time?

I do. I’ll be caught by non wrestling friends watching matches on YouTube on my phone in my free time for fun.

9. Are you at all familiar with the UK wrestling scene?

Yes, I have some friends who have wrestled in the UK and loved it. Definitely on my list of places I would like to travel to and wrestle at.

10. Is there any upcoming bookings you would like people to know about?

You can watch me on Ring of Honor TV.

Thank you Scarlett

You can all follow me on Twitter @Craig_Jarrett


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