10 Questions With… Matt Slater (@truemattslater) By Craig Jarrett

1. When did you first become a fan of wrestling?
I honestly can’t remember a time that I HAVEN’T been a fan. My earliest memory is of watching Wrestlemania 3 on VHS when I was 4 or 5. Since then I have watched, collected and studied anything to do with wrestling.
2. When did you decide to become a wrestler?
Even after been a fan for so long, the idea of me ever becoming a professional wrestler always seemed unrealistic. I ended up traveling the world and surfing my way around Europe for a while but something inside me clicked when I was living in London. I started training at the Dropkixx Academy and was hooked immediately, after moving home to the north, around 2006 I continued my training in Wigan then Doncaster.
3. So far who have you enjoyed working with in the ring?
Most people who answer this question have a solid relationship with their opponent, best friends who know each others work. But for me my one and only match with El Ligero stands out as my favourite. We seemed to click instantly regardless of the iffy history between us and I thoroughly enjoyed every second. On the flip side I’ve had many matches with Kris Travis and it’s nothing but fun every time so he’s a favourite.
4. Who would you like to work with in the future?
There are so many people I’d love to work with. I worked a tag match where I got to work with Mark Haskins and he has a lot to offer so a singles match would be something special for me, I like his style and the little things that add up to a lot. Also, I think Noam Dar is deserving of all the attention he’s getting and feel I would learn a lot from been in the ring with him.
5. Which promotion have you enjoyed working for the most?
NGW is still fairly new to me but I’ve been nothing but impressed with the professionalism and effort that they put in. I always had a lot of fun at DPW and again were well run, they gave me ring time with guys like Doug Basham and Kid Kash as well as quality matches, I just wish I knew then what I know now and could’ve contributed more.
6. What part did you play in the now defunct 21CW promotion?
Haha, well. That could’ve been one answer for the last question as I had some fantastic matches there and they really believed in me and my abilities despite my size. The problem, I think, was communication between numerous investors. Money was piled in to certain things and not others and everybody had different ideas. I was looked at as a major cog but I was simply just another worker, doing as I was told. They had potential but unfortunately it didn’t pan out.
7. Do you hope that you will become a full time member of the NGW roster?
Yes. Absolutely. NGW has a great product and everybody knows it. They don’t let just anybody on that roster, they have to believe in you. I believe in myself and am confident that I can make it, I just need to continue to show the people in charge what I can offer and with any luck I can appear on the main shows.
8. What do you think of the West Yorkshire wrestling scenes chances of being taken seriously?
I think they’ll be taken as seriously as anywhere else to be honest. There are one or two top promotions who have the rosters and venues to deliver top quality shows. But, like anywhere else, there are numerous other companies just trying to provide entertainment to their respective audiences. There is always gonna be bad rep flying around, most of it unwarranted, but that is unavoidable in my opinion.
9. What has been your proudest moment in wrestling so far?
If I’m completely honest I am just proud to step in the ring every time. My size is a massive disadvantage but for over 7 years I have given my all and I’m still doing it, that’s a great achievement for me. As I said earlier 21CW believed in me and gave me a push working with great UK stars and culminating in the Heavyweight Championship. That was my first title and it felt good to have people believe in me enough to do that.
10. What is your long term realistic goal in wrestling?
For now I just want to continue to better myself and enjoy wrestling. I would love to work for certain promotions here in the UK such as Southside and PCW that have tremendous talent so to get to that level would be fantastic.
 My thanks to Matt for taking time out to do this please do follow him on Twitter @truemattslater to keep up to date with his appearances in NGW and other promotions and you can follow me @Craig_Jarrett

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