10 Questions With… Danny Walsh (@PrettyBoyWalsh) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With... Danny Walsh (@PrettyBoyWalsh) By Craig Jarrett

Name: Danny Walsh
Height: 6’4
Weight: 15st 2lbs
Hometown: Kensington, UK
Twitter: @prettyboywalsh

1.When did you first become a fan of professional wrestling?

Apparently Ive been a fan since the age of 3-4 years old when I received my first ever Bret Hart figure for Christmas and used to love watching The Ultimate Warrior, Shawn Michaels & The Hitman. But I also had a transition from a fan to wanting to become a wrestler from the late attitude era along with the time of FWA running as well.

2. Who was your favorite wrestler that inspired you to want to become one?

There were several Big American stars that attracted me to want to become a wrestler but the most influential was Triple H (all the way from Hunter Herst-Helmsley to The Game). But I was also a big fan of a lot of British Wrestlers and the main ones were Alex Shane, Doug Williams and also Joel Redman who ended up being one of my trainers.

3. Can you remember you first match and were you nervous?

I can remember lots of it, I was just getting into the business and at the time was with VPW trying to soak up as much information possible from the UK Kid. I travelled to Hove and I was always told by people like Phil Powers or Joel Redman to always bring your gear where-ever you go. VPW allowed me to perform on that show against Sam Andrews (who ended up becoming a great friend in this business) and it went pretty well. I came out to The Prodigy with my black gear and hearts all over my shorts with “PrettyBoy” on my ass asking for cheers. It went both ways but it was such a fantastic experience. It was also very special because you had a lot of top guys there like Sheamus, Billy Gunn, LT Summers, Andy Boy Simmonz. In fact I remember walking into the centre about 7 hours before it would start and no one was there. After a few hours passed Andy walks in with his suitcase and I had seen him perform on so many shows around the circuit that I kind of got choked up a bit and decided to stand there and stare at him as he approached me. Luckily Andy shuck my hand otherwise that could of turned out pretty weird.

4. Who have you most enjoyed working with?

With out a doubt it has to be The Andrews Brothers, (Chris Andrews & Sam Andrews). I must have worked them more times that I can remember. We click really well and always get great response from the crowd that you feed off. I also really enjoyed working a program with Barry Cooper in Premier Promotions, I got to learn a lot from him and he took me under his wing and ended up having some memorable matches with him. Iestyn Rees is also another one, such a fantastic look but he is also really awesome to be around, you cant help but want to be a Iestyn Rees, but sadly after multiple attempts….I am not. But most of all I love working with my brother/ tag partner Marvellous Mark Walsh/ Chris Marvel. We both got into wrestling and both so different in terms of styles, but we are best friends as well as blood brothers.

5. Who on the UK scene that you haven’t worked with would you love to?

I’ve got some matches lined up already this year that I’m really looking forward to such as working my brother Chris Marvel for the PWA Plymouth Heavyweight Championship which should be one of my best matches to date, it’s been a long time coming that one. I’ve also got a shot at the PRIDE Heavyweight Championship against Loco Mike Mason, he has a great look and has carried PRIDE Promotions for quite some time, so should be fun. I’ve also got a fantastic opportunity to go against Kerry Cabrero for UK Main Event Wrestling, Kerry like a lot of people in my career has taken me under his wing and I am so grateful for everything he has done for me, but I’ve got to step it up now and understand that I’m in for a fight.

But I think it’s a crime that I haven’t worked DWA Nick Riley or 4FW Eddie Ryan yet, both are by far a standard for British Wrestling and I really believe that we could work a fantastic program together. I would also love to work Alex Shane and Doug Williams not only to learn from them, but it’s also one of those proud achievements to say you wrestled the guys who made you get into this business.
I’ve already been lucky to wrestle guys like Johnny Storm, Phil Powers, The UK Kid, Dave Sharp, Joel Redman & The UK Dominator who have all been extremely influential to me being in this business, and it really meant a lot to me.

6. What has been your proudest achievement in your career so far?

I had a few small little goals that I completed such as wrestling some of the guys on “The List” and also got to work on Premier Promotions for several years, I just started training and went to one of those FWA:A week long camps and Mark Sloan took us to a Premier Show in Worthing and said to myself that this is the kind of shows I want to wrestle on, British wrestling. And I wrestled there many times! But a big achievement for me was winning the DCW Heavyweight Championship, some people are not fussed about winning belts, but for me it signifies a little bit towards how hard you have worked and cementing a statement. I was close to winning some of the major titles in several companies to become “The Guy”, but wasn’t getting that final bit of luck. Then in Crediton Devon I went through a tournament defeating three guys to win the belt which included Simon Harding, Sam Andrews & Then Chris Andrews (Yes My brother came out and helped me secure the win, but have you seen Chris Andrews? He is a monster, cheating is sometimes acceptable against people like him). But the biggest thing about winning that was during this period I had developed serious liver damage (unaware during this time) and was throwing up, puking up blood, but still continued. Days later I collapsed along with developing Jaundice, the doctor stated there was no possible way that I could have made it through the matches and to be honest wrestling seems to bring a lot out of people. It might be the adrenaline, or the two NO Xplodes with 3 Redbulls, or the Lumps of Beta Alaline flowing through my body, but I personally feel wrestling can keep you alive…..until the show finishes. Either way I was out for nearly 4-5 months before making a very small recovery and there was a time when the doctors said there is nothing they could do, and that all they can hope for is my body to fight back, basically saying you might die. Well that was never good news to here, Yet I made a comeback and that has been one of the biggest achievements of my wrestling career yet.

7. What match stands out as being your favorite?

It’s quite tough but I would just have to name any tag match with my brother as we always tear the house down. Matches against The UK Dominator & Kris Kay at Premier Promotions was amazing, Working the Andrews Brothers across the country, The Alpha Males (Iestyn Rees & Charlie Garrett). I got to work an amazing match last year for PWA in a 6 Man Tag; it was Me, My Brother & Tyler Hawke taking on John Harding, Richard Worsley & Eddie Ryan. Put it this way, we didn’t hold back and you could hear the shots, but when the matches are that good, sometimes you get lost in the adrenaline side of it. There is also a match where it was me & Joel Redman taking on Nick Riley & PJ Jones, but Joel became my “Pretty Marvellous” tag partner basically humping and performing all types of sexual moves. To anyone who knows Joel, will know just how funny that was watching him, but the match itself was off the charts.

8. What do you think is missing from the UK scene for it to be as big as the American and Asian scenes?

I always see these questions and it does annoy me a little, it’s simple. We need British Wrestling to be on TV, and by that I mean BBC, ITV or Channel 4. That’s the only difference between us and the entire world of wrestling and to be honest it will come. Love him or hate him, Alex Shane has done fantastic work in terms of trying to elevate British Wrestling and even with a show on Challenge is a step in the right direction. But apart from that British Wrestling is bloody amazing!!! As long as the promoters, the workers and anyone else involved helping promote their product or British Wrestling to the best of the ability, I think it’s safe to say we will do just fine.

9. Who on the UK scene do you think deserves to be better known?

He was one of my main trainers and that’s the UK Dominator. He is actually well known around the circuit however just feel that he could be used so much more because he is simply a gem. Anyone who has seen or knows The UK Dominator will say that his matches would pass over the 10/10 stars. Chris Andrews has also finally started to make a name for himself. He was very well known around certain companies, but now he is hard to get hold of when trying to book him for shows because his diary is so full. Chris is the total package, a great poster boy but on top of that, he is one of the nicest and respectful guys I have ever met. You also have some breakout stars this year which include Tyler Hawke who has a fantastic look, a very good technical wrestler but then can also fly. A guy by the name of Kreiger/Groza Alexander who is nearly 7 foot tall and always looking to improve, he is extremely humble and hungry to make a name for himself.

10. Where do you see your wrestling career in 5 years?

Most likely still wrestling, I’ve been lucky (touch wood) that I’m still in good health, yes I have the aches and pains but I’m not at that level where I’m taking medication for it. Every year so far in my career has been exciting with fantastic matches, fantastic shows and always meeting old and new faces. I’m always excited about the future because like many I’m always trying to improve and get better.

Thank you Danny.

You can all follow me on Twitter @Craig_Jarrett


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