10 Questions With Peace (@PeaceWrestler) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With Peace (@PeaceWrestler) By Craig Jarrett

Name: Peace
Height: 5’7
Weight: 75kg
Hometown: Harlow, UK
Twitter: @PeaceWrestler

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1. When did you first become interested in professional wrestling?

When I was 10 I was given a gift of WCW/NWO Revenge for the Nintendo 64. I didn’t know anything about wrestling at the time and was fascinated by the concepts of things like pulling weapons out of the crowd to use, valets and managers interfering in matches and tag team partners and allies doing run ins.
Shortly after that my neighbour had recorded some Nitros and Thunders. We watched them and it was also fascinating to see the production in real life and how it compared to the video game. On one of these episodes Sid Vicious was wrestling Hulk Hogan. I was blown away by the charisma each man exuded. Sid Vicious was a proper nasty big guy and Hulk Hogan was old and selling so well that I sympathised with him when he was getting beaten up. I was really drawn in to the match! When Hulk Hogan hulked up and made his comeback I was cheering for him! Then Kevin Nash ran in to assist Sid Vicious and attack Hogan and then Sting ran in to even the odds. But then Rick Steiner ran in and a 3 on 2 beat down ensued. The beat down went on for a bit and then Goldberg’s music hit. The 3 villains all looked shocked and faced the ramp as Goldberg charged down and proceeded to clean house. It was all so absurd and yet brilliant and from then on I was hooked.

On the same batch of TV shows you had Curt Hennig doing a country man redneck gimmick and singing a song with his entourage called ‘Rap is crap.’ It was so bad and cheesy that it was actually brilliant! And then you had these luchadores in masks and colourful costumes. At the time Eddie Gurrerro was teaming with Rey Mysterio Jr and wrestling La Parka and Psychosis. The moves these guys were doing, not to mention the dives to the outside of the ring, were incredible.

2. Which wrestler did you watch that inspired you to become one yourself?

I was a big fan of The Hurricane. He was small and had an amusing gimmick, so that might have inspired me, but its hard to answer that question because It was really the whole product itself as a whole that drew me in and made me want to be a part of it rather than individual wrestlers inspiring me.

3. At watch age did you start to train to become a wrestler?

I did a week long training camp when I was 16. But I threw in the towel and didn’t even complete the week. I wasn’t mature enough to handle my disturbed emotions. If we discount that, something I’d like to do, then I waited 9 years before I started training at a different school at the age of 25.

4. Were you nervous when you made your debut?

I made my debut 6 months ago, and yes, I had the butterflies in my stomach before as I was standing backstage ready to make my entrance.

5. Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

My best friend, and tag team partner, Lance Lawrence. He’s very energetic and likeable. As he’s the ‘Whizz Kid’ and I’m ‘Peace’ we call ourselves ‘The Peace Kids.’ He’s the best partner I could have asked for. He’s very creative, incredibly enthusiastic and ridiculously talented. We’re going to be tagging together for a number of promotions this year which I’m very excited about doing.

6. Which wrestler on the UK scene would you most like to work with and why?

There are so many, and I can’t pick a favourite. I’ll be wrestling Mark Haskins next month, which I’m nervous but also very excited about. I was scheduled to wrestle Marty Scurl at the Millfield Theatre on March 16th, but sadly he had a prior commitment. I really hope I do get the opportunity to face him at some point.

Garry Vanderhorne, Greg Burridge and Charlie Rage are my trainers and I would love to wrestle them someday. I was given the great opportunity of teaming with Greg last year already. It was very reassuring being on the same team as him. Fighting him would be very nerve wracking and a very tough challenge, but a challenge I would like to take on. There’s a guy breaking out on the scene who goes by the name of Sid Scala who is smaller than me. I’m almost always up against a larger opponent than myself, so it would be nice to be the bigger guy for a change. There’s a guy I’ve trained with for the last year who I became real good mates with called Hadouken. He’s a total nerd, but he’s been good friend to me and he’s a good talent. We spar with each other a lot and we have an incredibly competitive but friendly rivalry. If we had an official match on a show we’d step it up a gear and deliver something really great.

7. What is your long term goal in wrestling?

I’m not even sure. Right now I have a lot of small goals. I’ve already acquired a lot of bookings, so that’s a goal that I’ve achieved. So now I have to absolutely smash them and put on great performances for every one of them. I’m continuing to work out and eat as much and as healthily as possible to continue putting on weight. I’m still training 4-5 times a week and I’ll continue to do that in order to improve my craft and continue learning. So I’ll keep that going.

8. Which promotion in the UK would you most like to work for?

PCW. They pull a good crowd that are loud, enthusiastic and just want to have fun. I would love for The Peace Kids to make an entrance there and get all the people chanting “Peace!’ with us. They also film their shows in high definition and release them on Blu Ray, so it would be awesome to watch a show, especially if I was on it.

9. What is your biggest achievement in your wrestling career to date?

I would say main eventing the LSLL show last month to close out 2013.

10. Do you watch much independent wrestling, if so which promotions do you like to watch?

PCW, Progress, WrestleForce and Lucha Britannia.

Thank you Peace.

You can all follow me on Twitter @Craig_Jarrett


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