10 Questions With… Bubba ‘The Butcher’ Morris

10 Questions With... Bubba 'The Butcher' Morris

Name: Bubba The Butcher Morris
Height: Over 6ft
Weight: Over 500lbs
Hometown: The Slaughterhouse

1. At point did you decide that you wanted to become a wrestler?

Simple answer, from a very young age! One of my earliest memories is watching World of Sport with my grandma aged 2 and then as I got older I moved onto watching WWF on a Saturday night. I’ve always been big so the guys like Big Boss Man and Earthquake always gave me that inspiration that I could possibly wrestle one day. When I was 15, I saw an ad in the local paper for a wrestling training school in Huddersfield and it immediately got my attention. I started training, created gimmick after gimmick and I loved every minute and never missed a session. Unfortunately it closed down shortly after their first show and there wasn’t another school locally. It wasn’t very well run to be honest and I think they just wanted to do what was on the tv! I eventually found UKW in 2009 and started training again.

2. Who did you watch that inspired you?

All the big guys really like Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Big Boss Man, Earthquake and Bam Bam Bigelow. Then later on Yokozuna came along and amazed me with his athleticism for his size. I preferred the bad guys/heels like King Kong Bundy who you were automatically scared of just for being big and mean.

3. Do you think you model yourself against any performer?

I think it’s hard not to! Especially for the big guys, it’s difficult to be innovative. I admire the bigger indy guys like Dave Mastiff and Kevin Steen when they come up with new, fantastic moves.

4. Being a big guy do you think this limits what you can do in the ring or do you like to show people that big guys can move just as well?

I think it depends on the individual. I personally, am a brawler and don’t particularly like flying off the ropes but I’ve seen the likes of Vader, Dave Mastiff and Kevin Steen do stuff off the ropes that some smaller guys can’t do! I like to think I can match speed and strength with most guys.

5. What is you greatest achievement so far in your wrestling career?

My first achievement would have to be actually going to training. Being the age I was, 26 and being my size I was extremely nervous of how people would react to me. For other achievements, it would be hard to just pick one out of all the things I have accomplished over the past 4.5 years. Winning belts, making and facing friends and wrestling legends all rank highly on the list.

6. Which performer have you enjoyed working with the most?

Again, this is a really hard question! I’ve really enjoyed working with Brett Bell doing the comedy stuff and with Gareth Angel making matches great to watch. I’ve recently been wrestling an upcoming talent called Nikos aka Ryden and he’s a great worker. I think some of my best matches have come from us getting to the back and my opponent saying “That was the best match I’ve ever had”. Just some names I really want to mention as being outstanding too: Lewy ‘Ripper’ Paradise, Tiger McGuigan Snr, Chris Taylor, Noam Dar (who is doing great things), Great Naga, Mark Impact, Mark Starr, LA Austin, Jonathan Sedgwick, Sheik Abdul Hassan, JG Nash, Disco Wes, Prince Ameen, Ryan Lord, Bruce Sheila, Priscilla, Lomax, Tommy Rocker, James Raver, Scotty “Boom Boom” Supreme Oh and I’ll admit, I didn’t like wrestling Jack Hammer but he was great to tag with! And as much crap as they get I want to mention the RWL boys (Jackal, The Yobs, Valo, Dancin’ Garvin, Jack Garvin) I’ve probably missed so many I’ve enjoyed working with, sorry!

7. Which performer would you most like to work with in the future and why?

There’s a lot of people who have messaged me saying they really would like to face me in the future, even at the risk of being chopped! I always feel flattered when I get these as I’ve never seen myself as a good wrestler, great gimmick though and I always like to put on a good show. Face or heel, as long as I’m getting the right reaction I’m obviously doing something right. I’ve always wanted to face Lewis O’Brien, never got the chance at any of the shows we’ve worked together. I’d definitely like some rematches with some people and would like to face Disco Wes one on one next time. I think I would also like to face Joey Divine, Ste “Bin Man” and Prince Ameen but he’s such a great heel and I’m a rubbish face! I’ll admit, there are probably loads of guys who I would possibly like to face but I do like to work with other guys with strong gimmicks.

8. Who on the UK scene do you think is underrated and deserves more exposure?

I think Mark Starr should be getting bookings more often than he is and some of the lads at Basix have great talent. Unfortunately in this business you need to be able to read the crowd, know your opponent before you step in the ring with them and give the crowd a good show. A great wrestler doesn’t necessarily get over with the fans if they can’t identify with them.

9. Where would you like to be as a wrestler in 5 years from now?

The same answer as when I first started wrestling, as long as it’s still fun, I’ll carry on. Not too bothered where it goes just as long as I’m enjoying myself.

10. Do you think British wrestling deserves to be back on TV?

The problem is that back in the day, TV stations got involved in the product and the production values were high. Nowadays it’s all down to the promotion itself and in the UK, there just isn’t anyone who can afford to run a show with the types of values needed to produce something worthy of being on the TV like WWE. The problem is the audience has changed so much and if the product doesn’t compare with WWE then it is going to struggle to appeal which is a damn shame. A WOS type programme just won’t cut it anymore. Unfortunately politics is killing the sport, particularly in this country so even the idea of promotions working together to create a television-worthy product see.


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