10 Questions With … Courtney Rush (@WinnipeggerRush) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With ... Courtney Rush (@WinnipeggerRush) By Craig Jarrett

Name: Courtney Rush
Height: 5’9
Weight: 140lbs
Hometown: Winnipegg, Canada
Twitter: @WinnipeggerRush

1. What is it about wrestling that first attracted you?

I don’t remember, I was very young when I first started watching wrestling. I suppose it was likely the concept of good going to battle with evil, as it is very easy for a child to understand such things. Sometimes you have to fight for what is right.

2. What do you think about the current state of womens wrestling?

Women’s wrestling is poised to explode, if you don’t think it has already. Fans are beginning to recognize and acknowledge females as athletes and women in the ring are often having better and more popular matches than the men. It is healthy for everyone involved, as when the competition gets better it forces us all to up our game.

3. Do you think womens wrestling is these days taken more seriously?

For the most part, yes! You will always be able to find the naysayers who insist that women are merely eye candy, but men who fear strong women are going the way of the dinosaur. A truly strong man is not intimidated by a strong woman.

4. Which promotion do you consider to be the top female promotion in the US?

SHIMMER, no question.

5. Which UK based female promotions have you worked for?

Thus far I have only worked for Bellatrix Female Warriors.

6. Which UK female wrestlers impress you the most?

Paige/Britani Knight, Rhia O’Reilly, Libery, Sammi Baynz – the UK has some incredible up and coming young talent. I have yet to see Nikki Storm in action but I hear amazing things about her as well.

7. Who have you enjoyed working with in the ring most of all?

Madison Eagles, if I have to pick one. I could wrestle her every day for the rest of my life and die happy.

8. Who out there on the indy scene would you love to work with?

I very badly want to wrestle Alpha Female. Please somebody make this happen!

9. What are your long term goals for professional wrestling?

Wrestle for as long as I can, in as many countries as I can and keep getting better. If a TV contract is in my future – awesome! I will take that ball and run with it.

10. Which promotion have you most enjoyed working for?

SHIMMER! Dave Prazak is a great promoter and books incredible international talent to create the best show possible for fans of women’s wrestling.


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