10 Questions With Leah Owens (@Leah_Owens1) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With Leah Owens (@Leah_Owens1) By Craig Jarrett

Name: Leah Owens
Height: 5’7
Weight: 9st 5lbs
Hometown: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Twitter: @Leah_Owens1

1. Why did you want to become a wrestler to begin with?

It was actually Kasey invited me to a training session. I had watched wrestling when I was younger but hadn’t paid attention to it for about 2 years prior to joining. But as they say as soon as I took my 1st bump in my 1st training session I was hooked.

2. Is there any female wrestler you watched that you wanted to model yourself against?

Well to be honest I think its kinda obvious with the fact that we both have tattoos, it had to be Lita. I also loved Trish Stratus and Victoria, as they brought the glamorous side also.

3. What do you think of women’s wrestling today compared to 10-20 years ago?

I think women’s wrestling today has improved a lot in recent years, I just think that women who do get signed maybe a bit under utilized.

4. Do you think women’s wrestlers get taken more seriously as the men do or are still seen as just eye candy?

I think people these days are seeing the potential in women’s wrestling today, but it is a constant struggle for us as there still is that stigma that women’s matches are still only seen as a bit of eye candy rather than seen as having great wrestling ability. Which is why I do enjoy full women’s show such as ICW:Fierce Females. As we get to showcase some of the best female wrestlers out there today.

5. Who have you enjoyed working with so far in your career?

There are 4 names that I have absolutely enjoyed working with since moving to Glasgow. These are Carmel Jacobs, Kay Lee Ray, Nikki Storm and Sara Marie Taylor. They all have slight different styles which makes every match different and allows me to learn from each when I get in the ring with them.

6. Who do you hope to work with in the future?

I would love to work with Viper, Bette Noire and Crazy Mary Dobson in a singles match.

7. Which female wrestler do you see as being underrated?

Underrated i would say it would have to be Bete Noire. She is a fantastic wrestler and really nice girl. And after coming off a successful tour in Japan she could only improve. I believe she could be one to watch this year.

8. Where has been your favorite place to wrestler so far?

I love the UK, and Japan was such a fantastic and eye opening experience, so I def would say Japan.

9. Do you have any long term goals in wrestling?

I, of course, would like to make it to WWE and a lot of my focus this year is to increase my training, both wrestling and personal, along with promos in order to wow the WWE. IF I get a tryout with my sister we both want to be able to stand out, even though we are twins, we want to be able to prove we have something new and unique to offer them.

10. In a dream match situation who would your opponent be?

In a dream singles match I would love to take on AJ Lee as I think she is fantastic both in the ring and out. In a dream tag match I personally would love to take on the Bella Twins. As we have already taken on the Blossoms, it would be awesome to take on the only other set of twins in the world.


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