10 Questions With… Joey Ozbourne (@TheJoeyOzbourne) By Craig Jarrett

10 Questions With... Joey Ozbourne (@TheJoeyOzbourne) By Craig Jarrett

Name: Joey Ozbourne
Height: 6ft
Weight: 225lbs
Hometown: Telford, UK
Twitter: @TheJoeyOzbourne

1. When did you become a wrestling fan?

When I was about 13 years old, a lot of my friends at the secondary school that I went too, all watched wrestling. I started watching it on Channel 4 on a Sunday evening just before No Way Out 2001 and promptly became hooked.

2. Was becoming a wrestler a long term dream of yours?

To begin with, I just watched it as a fan, buying the PS1&2 games when they came out as well as wrestling with mates at school and home, just like most normal wrestling fans. The moment I decided to become a wrestler was in 2007, just after Eddie Guererro had died, I went to watch the Survivor Series Tour in Manchester with one of my neighbours, we got there late and walked in while the first match was in progress, Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito, what I saw for the next two hours completely took over me and kinda made me decide that being a wrestler is what I wanted to do with my life.

3. How did you get involved with becoming a wrestler?

I sought out FCW, ran at the time by Kevin O’Neil and Lee Massey, went to the training sessions on a Thursday and Tuesday night at Dudley Leisure Centre, which was a 60 min drive away from my home. I remember being stood outside the door at my first session and looking in as they were warming up and thinking “Shit, this is happening!”

4. When did you make your in ring debut and how were you feeling?

I debuted in a squash match against Saul Adams. On May 25th 2008, I remember feeling pretty calm, right up until my music hit, then I shit myself – haha. At first I just wanted to turn around and say “No, can’t do this, not for me, no thanks, cya, bye.” Obviously I didn’t and I went out there and got the crap kicked out of me with virtually no offence at all on my behalf….thankfully times have changed!

5. Is there a wrestler that you tried to model yourself against?

I used to be a big fan of Orton, Triple H, The Rock….so maybe I pinched one or two of the moves they used to do…ahem….

6. Do you watch a lot of wrestling from the UK scene?

I’m quite busy all the time, so I don’t tend to get the chance to, I see a lot on my Facebook feed from various companies and who they’re bringing in or what they’re doing. When I’m on shows, I try to watch the other matches on the card either before or after me, firstly to make sure I don’t do the same in my match as someone else has in theirs, and secondly because I’m still a fan and I enjoy watching wrestling.

7. Do you think that wrestling will ever have another “big boom”?

It’s starting now, in the UK anyway, i wrestled in front of full houses last year for many different companies, so I only see it getting bigger. Fortunately, wrestling is a thing that transcends over more than just one genre, so it gets a bigger exposure to mainstream audiences, such as social media and the “Yes” chant.

8. Who on the UK scene do you think will be the next to make it the WWE or TNA?

The person that wants it the most.

9. What promotions have you worked for so far?

Quite a few, I won’t list them all, but the highlights for me are WAW, All Star, LDN, SWA, EDW and FCW.

10. What promotions would you love to be apart of in the future?



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