PCW (@PCW_UK) Road To Glory Night 2 Results By @JollyTheBear

PCW (@PCW_UK) Road To Glory Night 2 Results By @JollyTheBear

1. Joey Hayes defeated Dave Rayne & Robbie X in a three way for Raynes #BOOM title belt but Rayne said the title cannot change hands on the 1st or 14th of any month. PCW promoter came out and said but it can change hands in May and then the music of ‘Hurricane’ Shane Helms played.
2. Chris Masters defeated Chris Hero (Road To Glory Semi Final)
3. Dave Mastiff defeated Kris Travis (Road To Glory Semi Final)
4. ROH TV Champion Tomasso Ciampa defeated Martin Kirby
5. Mike Bennett & Maria defeated Mad Man Manson & Danny Hope
6. PCW Tag Team Champions Team Single (Rampage Brown & T-Bone) defeated Battle Squad Awesome (‘Diamond’ Dave Andrews & ‘Adrenaline’ Danny Chase)*
7. Papa Shango defeated Bubblegum
8. Chris Masters defeated Dave Mastiff to win the Road To Glory tournament
9. PCW Champion Lionheart defeated AJ Styles in a ‘No DQ’ match**

*Following Team Single’s win it was announced that if they are still champions by May 30th then they would face ROH’s reDragon (Kyle O’Reily & Bobby Fish)

**After his loss, AJ Styles hit Lionhheart with the ‘Styles Clash’ and Lionheart suffered what has been reported as a bad injury following this. No word yet as of typing this how Lionheart currently is. We all at The Indy Corner would like to wish Lionheart all the best and a speedy recovery.


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