Kamikaze Pro (@KamikazeProUK) #OverTheTop (30/3/14) Results

Kamikaze Pro (@KamikazeProUK) #OverTheTop (30/3/14) Results

To start the show, general manager Harvey Dale announces that the winner of the Relentless Division title match will face AR Fox at Sky’s The Limit in April and the winner of the rumble match will face Petey Williams on the same show.

1. Relentless Champion Damian Dunne defeated Pete Dunne & Robbie X in a 3 way to retain the title and earn a spot in the rumble.

2. T-Bone defeated Charlie Garrett via pinfall with his feet on the ropes

3. The Hunters defeated The Magnums to become the FIRST Kamikaze Pro tag team champions

4. Marshall X defeated Justin ‘The Hammer’ Sysym after interference from Van Damage (Marshall X now wins his spot back in Kamikaze Pro)

5. Kamikaze Pro Champion Ryan Smile defeated Chris Andrews after hitting him with a spanner

6. Rumble match – After 18 entrants Damian Dunne (who was number 3) is laying in the ring on his own, Robbie X was next and he cashed in his MITB briefcase and WON the Relentless title. However he was then eliminated. Pete Dunne was the last entrant at number 20, Almost eliminated Damian but Ryan Smile (who was not in the match) prevented that happening, Damian then hits Pete with a ‘Canadian Destroyer’ and then throws him out to win.

Thanks to @MattMatt316 for providing the results.


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