Superstars Of Wrestling (@SOFWrestling) #SuperClash (29/3/14) Results

Superstars Of Wrestling (@SOFWrestling) #SuperClash (29/3/14) Results

1.Sam Adonis defeated Zak Knight – holding ropes, blocked sunset flip

2. Six Man Elimination – Scurll vs Meadows vs Tyrell vs Jace The Ace vs Joe Osbourne vs Red Eagle, eliminations as follows:- Ace pinned Eagle, Scurll pinned Osbourne, Tyrell pinned Ace, Scurll pinned Tyrell, Meadows pinned Scurll to win.

3. Mal Sanders defeated Frankie Sloane via armbar submission with ropes the fans went crazy, then reversed decsision , 5 more minutes was called for, not granted

4. Matt Jarrett & Danny Collins defeated Christian “Ecki” Eckstein & Phil Powers when Jarrett pinned powers

5. Luke Hawx defeated Prince Devitt following a ‘Blockbuster’

6. NWA champion Satoshi Kojima defeated Rampage Brown

7. Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Roy Knight w/ Ricky Knight foloowing a roll up

8. Davey Boy Smith Jr.defeated Robin Lekime via pinfall following a powerslam

Thanks to @PhilJones 77 for the results and @BlueGodzilla for his help.


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