Rev Pro (@RevProUK) ‘Make or Break’ (10/5/14) Results

Rev Pro (@RevProUK) 'Make or Break' (10/5/14) Results

1. The Hunter Brothers defeated Project Ego

2. Lord Gideon Gray defeated Mad Man Manson

3. Josh Bodom defeated Prince Devitt following interference from The Revolutionists (Marty Scurll, Sha Samuels & Terry Frazier) to WIN the Cruiserweight title – Bodom joins The Revolutionists and they now have ALL the gold in Rev-Pro

4. Andy Boy Simmonz defeated T-Bone via pin fall with his feet on the ropes after a low blow

5. Doug Williams defeated Dave Mastiff

6. The Revolutionists (Samuels, Frazier & Bodom) defeated Team Defend (Mark Andrews, Eddie Dennis & Pete Dunne)

Thanks to Matt Bayliss (@MattMatt316) for sending over the results


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